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Here’s a look at podcast selections on my playlist featuring a number of beef, running, and travel topics? Have a link to submit? Send me a note via the Contact page!

Agriculture Proud Podcast

The Agriculture Proud Podcast features 27 episodes with interviews from across the farm and ranch community. Find all episode show notes on the blog.

Agriculture Proud Podcast

Other Podcast Interviews

I’m always doing interviews at meetings and conventions across the country. Here are a few highlights.

Effective Beef Advocacy Information

Tips for Effective Advocacy and Storytelling

Advocacy Has Become Just Another Part of Doing Business

Agriculture Advocacy Takes Place In Many Forms

Ryan Goodman Blogs to Connect Farmers and Ranchers with Consumers

Growing Up Agriculture Proud – Part 1 – Consumer Ag Connection

It’s Ok For Farmers to be Successful – Part 2 – Consumer Ag Connection

Agri Talk Radio Farm Toys For Tots

Social Media and Consumer Conversations About Food with Ron Hays

Food and Farm Radio – Cattle Feedlots and National Geographic’s Carnivore’s Dilemma

Agriculture Podcasts

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Here are a few of the agriculture podcasts on my playlist. Click RSS link to open in your podcast player app.

Ag News Daily

AgDay – Farm Journal (RSS)

AgFuture – Alltech (RSS)

AgriTalk – Farm Journal

AgEconMT – Montana State University (RSS)

Ag State of Mind (RSS)

AgUncensored – Jerod McDaniel (RSS)

AgWired – Zimmcomm New Media

  • Smart Farmer (RSS)
  • Zimmcast (RSS)

Arkansas Farm Bureau (RSS)

BCI Cattle Chat – Kansas State University (RSS)

Beef Pros – Ben Spitzer and Garrett Thomas (RSS)

BeefWatch – University of Nebraska (RSS)

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

California Ag Today (RSS)

Chute Side (RSS)

Cody Creelman, Cow Vet (RSS)

Confessions of a Farm Wife (RSS)

Consumer Ag Connection – Pam Fretwell (RSS)

Future of Agriculture – AgGrad (RSS)

Girls Talk Ag (RSS)

HPJ Talk – High Plains Journal (RSS)

Idaho Farm Bureau (RSS)

Idle Chatter – Hot Rod Farmer (RSS)

LaneCast – Nordlund Communications (RSS)

The Meat Block (RSS)

Off-Farm Income – Matt Brechwald (RSS)

Oklahoma Farm Report – Radio Oklahoma Network

  • Ag Perspectives (RSS)
  • Beef Buzz (RSS)
  • Farm and Ranch News (RSS)

Ontario AgCast (RSS)

RealAg Radio – Real Agriculture (RSS)

RFD Podcasts (RSS)

Rock and Roll Farming (UK) (RSS)

Shark Farmer Podcast (RSS)

Shining Bright – FarmHer (RSS)

Story of Agriculture – Herdmark Media (RSS)

Successful Farming Radio (RSS)

University of Tennessee Institute of Ag (RSS)

Vance Crowe (RSS)

What The Farm (RSS)

Working Cows (RSS)

Working Ranch Radio Show (RSS)

Running Podcasts

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Here are a few of the running and outdoors podcasts on my playlist. Click RSS link to open in your podcast player app.

Bad Boy Running (RSS)

Becoming Ultra (RSS)

Billy Yang Podcast (RSS)

Diz Runs Radio (RSS)

Doc on the Run (RSS)

East Coast Trail & Ultra (RSS)

Endurance Junkie Podcast (RSS)

Endurance Planet (RSS)

Final Surge (RSS)

For the Long Run (RSS)

Ginger Runner Live (RSS)

Heartland Running (RSS)

Human Potential (RSS)

Human Race (RSS)

Humans of Ultrarunning (RSS)

Man Bun Run (RSS)

Marathon Training Academy (RSS)

Morning Shakeout (RSS)

MTN Meister (RSS)

Negative Splits (RSS)

Outhouse News/Trail Currents (RSS)

Outside Podcast (RSS)

Pain Cave (RSS)

Parent Athlete (RSS)

Rogue Running (RSS)

Run to the Top (RSS)

Run to the Top Extra Kick (RSS)

Runner’s World Show (RSS)

Running, Beer and BS (RSS)

Running Inside Out (RSS)

Running Through It (RSS)

Science of Ultra (RSS)

Strength Running Podcast (RSS)

Talk Ultra by Ian Corless (RSS)

Ten Junk Miles (RSS)

Touching the Trail (RSS)

Trail Manners (RSS)

Trail Runner Nation (RSS)

Trail Running Women (RSS)

Trail Talk by Rock Creek Runner (RSS)

Training For Ultra (RSS)

UltraRunner Podcast (RSS)

UltraRunning History (RSS)

Wisconsin Notes (RSS)

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