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The Beef Runner Podcast (RSS) features 42 episodes with interviews from across the farm and ranch community. Find all episode show notes on the blog.

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You can find the special Over A Beer series of episodes by clicking here. Dairy Carrie and I sit in the back room of a local Wisconsin bar and discuss hot topics in the world of agriculture over a beer (or a few pitchers).

Beef Runner Podcast Episodes

Below is a selection of podcast episodes from the Beef Runner podcast and episodes where I have been a guest on other podcast. Click each to preview episode show notes and links to the audio.

  • Grounded By The Farm Podcast: Beef and Cattle

    I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a long-time friend, Janice Person, for an episode of the Grounded By The Farm Podcast. When you have a few moments, listen to the episode as we talk about cattle care and feeding. Everyone loves a good story and listening to the stories of others has…

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  • Culture and Inclusion are not just words on paper

    “A culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion is not a goal to be met by just words on paper, but it’s the actions that we take. When we’re talking about the culture of an organization, how do employees interact? How do leaders set the tone for the conversations that are taking place?” Those are words…

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  • Disinformation vs Misinformation with Cami Ryan | Over A Beer Podcast 042

    2020 has brought us a flurry of confusing information online with regards to the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. Presidential elections. It’s often difficult to understand what if truth and what is fiction. An important term to understand is disinformation (think documentaries such as Plandemic, or online election campaign propaganda) and how it is different…

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  • Meat Scientist Janeal Yancey | Over A Beer 041

    Surely I’m not alone in having left those leftovers on the counter overnight. Are they safe to eat? What’s the best way to store meat in the freezer? And what is a meat scientist, anyway?!? We have the answers to those and even more of your meat questions. This week on the podcast, Carrie Mess…

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  • Food Connections with Registered Dietitian, Nicole Rodriguez | Over A Beer Podcast 040

    In the current time of social distancing, there is a lot more than Zoom calls that can bring us all together – and that is food. Carrie and Ryan bring a guest to the Over A Beer podcast series to discuss these food connections. During the course of our conversation, we see how much rural…

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  • We Cannot Cook with Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer Podcast 039

    It’s safe to say that things have drastically changed over the past few weeks, but one topic that has definitely risen to the top is access to food. Whether it be families with more time on their hands or searching shelves at the grocery store that have been picked over, we’ve found ourselves cooking more…

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  • 3 Tips for Advocacy During A Crisis | Beef Runner Podcast 038

    Is it safe to say that March 2020 is a weird time for those of us in the United States and around the world? I’d say that with the ongoing coronovirus pandemic, things are far from normal. With this time of crisis, it’s important to pay closer attention to the tone of what we’re sharing…

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  • Farm Accidents with Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer Podcast 037

    In 2017, farm accidents resulted in the deaths of 416 farmers and farmworkers. Every day, about 100 agricultural workers suffer a lost-work-time injury. In 2014, an estimated 12,000 youth were injured on farms; 4,000 of these injuries were due to farm work. These statistics from the CDC are sobering. But these events are preventable. On…

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  • Misleading Food Labels with Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer Podcast 036

    Take a look at the labels on food packages near you or in your kitchen. What do you see? These food labels can confusing, leading to misinformation and often guilty feelings that we’re not doing the right thing for ourselves and our family. How do we filter through the marketing to understand what labels have…

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  • Joaquin Phoenix with Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer Podcast 035

    This year’s Hollywood award season is proving desperate for ratings as was shown when the Golden Globes kicked things off by going vegan in January. So we’re tackling it this week on the podcast. Several celebrities spoke up, including Joaquin Phoenix, in post-show interviews. Joaquin didn’t cool it off for the Oscars in February. In…

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  • 10 Miles Past Nowhere – Wyoming Rancher | Beef Runner Podcast 034

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live more than an hour’s drive from town? What is life like in Wyoming where the growing season is only a few short months long, but you have amazing views at high elevation in the mountains? This week, Wyoming rancher, Kacy Atkins joins me to…

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  • Beef Advocacy with High Plains Journal | Audio

    Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2020 Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio, Texas. This was my eighth time to attend the meeting over the years as I’ve been involved in beef advocacy. I’ve had the opportunity to hold several roles, including state host, state staff, trade show exhibitor, and now as…

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  • Ryan’s Running Intervention With Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer Podcast 033

    Carrie has decided she needs to deliver a running intervention to call out – what she sees as – a crazy running addiction. For some reason, she thinks wanting to run 100 miles isn’t normal. And, of course, I disagree and know that my running adventures are completely normal for trail and ultrarunning. So we’re…

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  • Alternative Proteins with Dairy Carrie | Over a Beer Podcast 032

    What are your thoughts on plant based proteins (a.k.a. alternative proteins, plant milks, fake meats, etc.)? It’s been a topic of discussion in the business news headlines and within the agriculture community. So we’re tackling it this week on the podcast. This week on the podcast, Carrie Mess (a.k.a. Dairy Carrie) and I sit down…

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  • Thank A Farmer With Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer Podcast 031

    Thank a Farmer. We’ve heard it over the years and I’ve even joined in the movement myself over the past decade by writing a few articles asking for others to thank us – farmers, ranchers and the agriculture community for the food, fiber and fuel that is used every day. But is that really what…

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  • The First Round With Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer Podcast 030

    It’s been a few years since Dairy Carrie and I sat down with a pitcher (or a few) of Spotted Cow beer in the back room of the Crawfish Junction bar in Milford, Wisconsin and recorded several episodes for my podcast (formerly known as Agriculture Proud). And, of course, we titled the series Over A…

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  • Advocacy Has Become Just Another Part of Doing Business

    For the better part of a decade, I have been involved in agriculture advocacy efforts. I began this blog as a simple way to share what I was doing on the ranch. That soon developed into a full network of friends and peers across the country. And today, directing programs for a growing nationwide network…

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  • How to Advocate Offline | Over A Beer Podcast 028

    In the world of agriculture advocacy, we often get caught up in the latest social media tools. But, truth is, we can be advocates offline as well. Let’s not forget I started with a dumbphone just a few years ago. And apparently Carrie like to tell people to just EAT IT in song. (At least…

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  • Raising Texas Cotton with Jeremy Brown | Agriculture Proud Podcast 027

    Beyond the fence post also means that I must be involved. There are so many different aspects to agriculture. The more I learn through involvement, the better I can be as a farmer. I believe that it is important to “AgVocate” for agriculture at the local level and beyond. – Jeremy Brown, Beyond the Fence…

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  • Farming In Nebraska with Deb Gangwish | Agriculture Proud Podcast 026

    I must say that I live in my boots. I like all kinds of boots, cowboy boots – fancy and plain, dress boots – tall and short, snow, rain, muck and work boots – yup I like them all. I feel comfortable in my boots, they are part of my everyday life on our family…

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  • FAQ on Beef Cattle | Over A Beer Podcast 025

    Want an opportunity to do research with Jack Daniels? Have you considered studying cattle nutrition? Well, I didn’t get to drink any JD as part of the work, but we did get to use some of their by-products from distilling as feed for beef cattle. On Episode 025 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, Ryan Goodman…

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  • Agriculture Advocacy Takes Place In Many Forms

    During my recent trip to the 2017 Bayer AgVocacy Forum in San Antonio, Texas, I had the opportunity to catch up with Carson Horn of the Radio Oklahoma Network for an interview. Carson and I spoke about the current role of agriculture advocacy and how the need continues to grow and develop for our agriculture…

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  • Fighting With Activists | Over A Beer Podcast 023

    We’d be lying if we said occasionally getting into a fight with activists isn’t fun and entertaining. But it is also exhausting and can make you look like a fool. On Episode 023 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, Ryan Goodman and Carrie Mess continue the Over A Beer series talking about hot topics in agriculture. This…

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  • Beef and Dairy Checkoff | Over a Beer Podcast 022

    Everyone aside from those too young remembers the iconic television commercials with Sam Elliott, a catchy tune and the phrase – Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner. But what happened to those ads? Many ranchers complain because these ads aren’t front and center. Why aren’t our Checkoff programs spending $5 million for a 30 second Super…

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  • Our Evolution of ‘Agvocacy’ | Over a Beer Podcast 021

    Agvocacy – a term coined within the agriculture community; commonly used to refer to agriculture advocates. Whether our start was documenting ranch life in Wyoming or selling lingerie on Twitter, our online advocacy has transformed over the past several years. Make sure you listened to the first episode of the Over a Beer series! In Episode 021…

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  • Introducing Over A Beer With Dairy Carrie | Podcast 020

    When good friends get together and sit down and catch up over a beer, you never know what will come of the conversation. This is especially true when Dairy Carrie is involved. On Episode 20 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, we launch a new series, appropriately titled, Over a Beer. On a recent visit to…

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  • Raising Bison For Meat in Montana | Agriculture Proud Podcast 019

    In Episode 018 of the podcast, I visited with the National Bison Association to learn more about raising bison commercially across the United States. We touched on a fair number of statistics to describe this sector of the agriculture business on a national level. On Episode 019 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, I follow up…

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  • Bison Ranching with National Bison Association | Agriculture Proud Podcast 018

    When most of us hear about bison and Montana, what comes to mind? Usually, it is images of Yellowstone and free-roaming mammals of American history. While these animals have an important role in our North American heritage, bison is also becoming a popular item on restaurant menus across the country. Earlier this month, I had…

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  • Cattle Fly Control with Dave Thomas | Agriculture Proud Podcast 017

    You know that graduate student who gets the lucky draw to help with those “fun” summer projects? Yep, that was my role when I first met today’s podcast guest. Now, to be honest, the summer project wasn’t too bad. I had the opportunity to help measure the results with a new fly tag project by…

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  • Western Author on Sharing Your Story | Agriculture Proud Podcast 016

    For years, we’ve talked about sharing your story in the context of agriculture advocacy. Today, while there is an increasing number of agriculture advocates sharing their stories on blogs, that doesn’t mean we’re doing it in the most effective manner to reach the audience we truly would like to reach. On Episode 016 of the…

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  • My Team Beef Story | Agriculture Proud Podcast 015

    Cheers to a second marathon in the books, recovery and the start of training for my next running adventures! I completed the Missoula Marathon on July 11 under my goal of 4 hours. This race was a few minutes slower than the June marathon, but considering the short recovery time between the two, I am…

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  • Livestock Pests with Bayer Entomologist | Agriculture Proud Podcast 014

    I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t really care for my livestock entomology course in college. Fortunately for us, there are people who love the subject and work to study the flies and biting pests that we often find during these long, hot summer days. On Episode 014 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, I…

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  • British Columbia Cattlemen with Kevin Boon | Agriculture Proud Podcast 013

    If you’ll recall on last week’s podcast, we visited with a younger rancher from British Columbia (Episode 012) after my trip to the BC Cattlemen’s Association Annual General Meeting in Penticton. This week we’ll continue with conversations from that meeting. On Episode 013 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, I sit down with Kevin Boon. He’s…

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  • Succession Planning and Food Trends with Attorney-Rancher | Agriculture Proud Podcast 012

    On Episode 012 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, we’re headed north to British Columbia to discuss a number of topics with attorney and rancher, Ryan Scorgie, from Kamloops, British Columbia. I was able to catch up with Ryan during a recent trip to Penticton for the BC Cattlemen’s Annual General Meeting. Succession planning is an…

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  • Cattle Photography with Ranch House Designs | Agriculture Proud Podcast 011

    A few weeks ago (Episode 008), we discussed photography skills with Jenn Zeller, South Dakota Cowgirl, in the context of being out on the ranch for advocacy and sharing your story. This week, we take a little different approach to photography skills and turn our attention to capturing those sometimes hard-to-get photos of cattle on…

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  • The Farmer’s Life and Farm Videos with Brian Scott | Agriculture Proud Podcast 010

    It’s always a great day when farmers gather a great audience on social media when sharing their story. In recent weeks, Brian Scott has seen his audience grow multiple times over when he posted a video of his 6-year-old son operating the tractor during planting season. The video, posted on The Farmer’s Life Facebook page,…

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  • Montana Beef Cattle Extension | Agriculture Proud Podcast 009

    I’ve always been a big supporter of our Land Grant University extension and research programs. Growing up in 4-H had me acquainted with their efforts from the start. Continuing education in the college of agriculture had a natural integration through my undergraduate years, and my graduate research program allowed me to dive even deeper working…

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  • Western Photography and Advocacy with South Dakota Cowgirl | Agriculture Proud Podcast 008

    Have you met likely the most popular rancher on Instagram. Jenn Zeller is the guest for Episode 8 of the Agriculture Proud podcast. I always have fun catching up with Jenn, so I am excited to have her on the podcast to share a bit of her story and knowledge. Jenn has been recognized by…

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  • Sustainable Ranching with World Wildlife Fund | Agriculture Proud Podcast 007

    Happy Earth Day this week! I hope you celebrate by sharing more about the work our farmers and ranchers are doing to conserve our environment and be more sustainable in maintaining our open spaces. On Episode 7 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast I feature a conservation group you may have heard about, but may not…

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  • Bovine Respiratory Disease with Bayer Veterinarian | Agriculture Proud Podcast 006

    BRD. Google results tell me this is Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Germany’s official name. But that’s about all I know in German history. BRD in my life actually stands for Bovine Respiratory Disease. On this week’s episode of the Agriculture Proud podcast, I catch up with Dr. Jim Little, a technical services veterinarian with Bayer Animal Health…

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  • Millennial Leadership Coach Sarah Bohnenkamp | Agriculture Proud Podcast 005

    Episode 5 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast takes us to Colorado for a visit with Sarah Bohnenkamp. Sarah is a leadership coach who works with and helps us work with millennials. I met Sarah a few years back working with the American National CattleWomen’s Beef Ambassador program and we’ve kept in touch over the years.…

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  • Working With Youth and Being Involved with Montana Ranchers | Agriculture Proud Podcast 004

    Episode 004 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast features a discussion with a ranching couple from far northern Montana. Do you remember the fluffy cow craze a few years ago? The Montana ranchers on today’s podcast raise this type of cattle and are a great ranch couple to learn from and spend time with! Butch and Doreen…

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  • Antibiotics Use in Livestock with a Veterinarian | Agriculture Proud Podcast 003

    Episode 003 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast features a discussion on a hot topic for both consumers and agriculture producers today. At the end of 2016, we will see the mandatory implementation of rules that will change how antibiotics are used in livestock. Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs) are a result of changes to FDA’s Guidances…

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  • Ranching in Southwest Montana with Race King | Agriculture Proud Podcast 002

    This week’s episode of the Agriculture Proud Podcast features a rancher from Dillon, Montana. Race King and his family manage the La Cense Montana ranch, which spans 88,000 acres in southwest Montana. According to their website, “the ranch is located just east of the Continental Divide, on the northwestern edge of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem,…

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  • Favorite Trail and Running Podcasts

    If you’ve been following my Twitter or Instagram feeds lately, you’ll likely find I’ve been putting in a few miles in training for this year’s marathon plans. This time on the trail and road ends up getting me through several podcasts and audiobooks each week. A few weeks ago, I shared my favorite agriculture podcasts, but…

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  • GMO Conversations with Janice Person | Agriculture Proud Podcast 001

    Janice Person is a great friend to many people in the agriculture world. She’s passionate about cotton and loves people. Janice blogs at and you can find her as @JPlovescotton on Twitter, Instagram and Periscope. If you haven’t investigated her Cotton 101 series, you’re missing out on some cool knowledge about a neat plant.…

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