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The Beef Runner Podcast (RSS) features 42 episodes with interviews from across the farm and ranch community. Find all episode show notes on the blog.

over a beer podcast

You can find the special Over A Beer series of episodes by clicking here. Dairy Carrie and I sit in the back room of a local Wisconsin bar and discuss hot topics in the world of agriculture over a beer (or a few pitchers).

Beef Runner Podcast Episodes

Below is a selection of podcast episodes from the Beef Runner podcast and episodes where I have been a guest on other podcast. Click each to preview episode show notes and links to the audio.

Other Podcast Interviews

I’m always doing interviews at meetings and conventions across the country. Here are a few highlights.

Program Helps Beef Producers With Advocacy Skills

Effective Beef Advocacy Information

Tips for Effective Advocacy and Storytelling

Advocacy Has Become Just Another Part of Doing Business

Agriculture Advocacy Takes Place In Many Forms

Ryan Goodman Blogs to Connect Farmers and Ranchers with Consumers

Growing Up Agriculture Proud – Part 1 – Consumer Ag Connection

It’s Ok For Farmers to be Successful – Part 2 – Consumer Ag Connection

Agri Talk Radio Farm Toys For Tots

Social Media and Consumer Conversations About Food with Ron Hays

Food and Farm Radio – Cattle Feedlots and National Geographic’s Carnivore’s Dilemma

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