On Episode 012 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, we’re headed north to British Columbia to discuss a number of topics with attorney and rancher, Ryan Scorgie, from Kamloops, British Columbia. I was able to catch up with Ryan during a recent trip to Penticton for the BC Cattlemen’s Annual General Meeting.

Succession planning is an important topic for many farmers and ranchers across the country as we prepare to pass the business from one generation to the next. Ryan shares his advice on how to start that planning process and where you can find resources for more information, including how the younger generations can be prepared for this planning discussion.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

We also discussed Ryan’s role as a rancher in the community as he uses drones on the cattle operation and works with local researchers to evaluate methods for pain management in cattle. Ryan also pays close attention to trending topics on the food scene – grass-finished beef, being able to match our product to needs of consumer, and the need to educating consumers on what it means to be a cattle producer. It was definitely a diverse conversation, covering many topics, but I love the opportunity to share stories from farmers and ranchers, not only in the U.S., but including our neighbors to the north as well.

You can connect with Ryan Scorgie via his law firm’s website, forwardlaw.ca, or shoot him an email at rscorgie@forwardlaw.ca.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Agriculture Proud podcast. Check out all my episodes at BeefRunner.com/podcast.

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