Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live more than an hour’s drive from town? What is life like in Wyoming where the growing season is only a few short months long, but you have amazing views at high elevation in the mountains? This week, Wyoming rancher, Kacy Atkins joins me to share this a bit of her journey through agriculture advocacy.

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Podcast 034 – Kacy Atkinson Wyoming Rancher

For episode 034 of the Beef Runner podcast, I sit down with Kacy Atkinson during a visit in Denver. We met several years back as our paths cross in the ranching business and have had the opportunity to work together on several advocacy projects during the past few years.

wyoming rancher kacy atkinson
Kacy and I in a chance meeting in Custer, South Dakota following a 50-mile race

Kacy grew up on her family’s Wyoming ranch, 85 miles from town, where they only receive mail a few times each week. She then went to school and worked in education and extension before returning to the family’s operation.

Since really diving into her advocacy from the ranch, Kacy shares her stories from life “10 Miles Past No Where.” I think you’ll enjoy hearing her perspectives on ranching and how farmers and ranchers might better work to reach urban consumers with our advocacy efforts – get off the farm/ranch.

You can find Kacy online and on social media as 10 Miles Past No Where on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

kacy atkinson wyoming rancher 10 miles past no where

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