Brian Scott, Indiana Farmer, blogger at
Brian Scott, Indiana Farmer, blogger at

It’s always a great day when farmers gather a great audience on social media when sharing their story. In recent weeks, Brian Scott has seen his audience grow multiple times over when he posted a video of his 6-year-old son operating the tractor during planting season. The video, posted on The Farmer’s Life Facebook page, has more than 5.4 million views to date.

On Episode 10 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, Brian Scott, farmer from Indiana and blogger at joins us to discuss how he has grown an audience of almost 43,000 on his Facebook page. Brian regularly shares the different activities throughout the changing seasons, often using his drone or gopro camera to capture new perspectives of farming and field work. In the podcast, Brian shares a few tips on how others can utilize these tools to share their life on the farm or ranch.

Brian joined me a few years ago on CNN where he discussed numerous hot topics on the farm. This evolved into one of his most popular posts ever where he explains his cropping agreement with Monsanto and growing GMOs on his family farm. Brian has been a guest on this blog previously, writing the popular Ask A Farmer: Why do farmers leave dying corn in fields?

You can connect with Brian on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and his blog.

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