Beyond the fence post also means that I must be involved. There are so many different aspects to agriculture. The more I learn through involvement, the better I can be as a farmer. I believe that it is important to “AgVocate” for agriculture at the local level and beyond. – Jeremy Brown, Beyond the Fence

On episode 027 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, Ryan visits with west Texas farmer, Jeremy Brown during the 2017 Bayer Agvocacy Forum in San Antonio, Texas.

jeremy brown cotton

Jeremy is a 4th generation cotton farmer and proud Texas Tech alumnus. On his West Texas farm, he works with his family to raise cotton and grain sorghum.

In this podcast, Jeremy and Ryan discuss how biotechnology is a tool in the belt of farmers as fewer generations come back to the farm, margins become tighter, and input costs rise. And as consumers ask more often to learn more about where their fiber comes from, as a producer, Jeremy belives the need to be an advocate is an important part of doing business.

Genetic modification and biotechnology in cotton farming.

As a steward of his resources and a business owner, Jeremy needs to do everything to utilize tools in his tool belt, which may often include biotechnology, herbicides, or insecticides. Even with that GM technology, Jeremy still utilizes good management practices to ensure he’s being a good steward of the land and operate his business in a sustainable, profitable and safe manner.

Two examples of biotechnology Jeremy offered where the need to protect against the bollworm in cotton and the sugarcane aphid in grain sorghum. GM technology allows farmers like Jeremy to spray less insecticide and still protect his crop against pests that like to eat the plants.

Why are you Agriculture Proud?

Jeremy says he is proud to be a part of agriculture because it is in his blood. Being able to work the land, improve the land and seeing the rewards of his hard work bring him joy. It’s being able to take something from a small seed and seeing the fruits of labor, growing a fiber and taking pride in his small part to help clothe the world.

You should definitely connect with Jeremy Brown on his Facebook page, Broadview Agriculture Inc. Let him know I sent you and stick around to learn more about farming in West Texas.

jeremy brown cotton

As a part of the Bayer blogger program, I am not compensated for sharing this information, but am thankful for Bayer Animal Health helping me contact experts on important topics impacting our cattle and livestock business today. As always, thoughts shared are my own. Learn more about Bayer’s efforts to support agriculture advocacy by joining the AgVocate Facebook group.

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