It’s safe to say that things have drastically changed over the past few weeks, but one topic that has definitely risen to the top is access to food. Whether it be families with more time on their hands or searching shelves at the grocery store that have been picked over, we’ve found ourselves cooking more meals at home. And many people are realizing they may not know how to cook!

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Podcast 039 – We Cannot Cook

I want take a step back and say, Wow. The past couple of weeks have seen life change at a rapid pace for most of us here in the United States as the coronavirus has swept our nation.

Here in Colorado, we’ve seen cities implementing stay at home orders, as many other states have done as well. The news and situation have been changing nearly by the hour as events unfold. This is definitely going to have an impact on our society for the long term.

One of the positive impacts coming out of this time is that families are able to spend more time together – even if they’re being forced to do so through social distancing. This also means they have more time to plan meals around the table.

Food is something that has always brought people together – even if we’re having to be more strategic about buying that food via restaurant take out or timing our trips to the grocery store when the shelves are restocked overnight.

we cannot cook beef runner

Food Around The Table

This also coincides with the 2020 National Ag Day theme of food bringing people around the table. For this week’s Over A Beer episode, Carrie and I discuss this from the perspective of people not being able to cook today. You can see this through all of the meal prep and delivery options available, but also through the questions people have about recipes and cooking methods.

We share our stories and bring this full circle to discuss some amazing opportunities those of us in the agriculture community could take to connect with people in our communities and bring them to gather around the table for a good meal, of course, after our time of social distancing has passed.

It’s important to note that Carrie and I did record this podcast episode before coronavirus has had such an impact on our society, but we felt the need to still publish this episode to talk about the topic that all of us can work through to connect with other people.

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