Montana Ranchers Butch Doreen Gillespie
Butch and Doreen Gillespie on their ranch with a student intern from the UK.

Episode 004 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast features a discussion with a ranching couple from far northern Montana. Do you remember the fluffy cow craze a few years ago? The Montana ranchers on today’s podcast raise this type of cattle and are a great ranch couple┬áto learn from and spend time with!

Butch and Doreen Gillespie raise club calves for youth participating in livestock programs across the country. The Gillespies have been involved in agriculture across the globe and are very involved in their local and state organizations.

This was definitely a fun conversation to have and I learn something every time I sit down with Butch and Doreen. They have a great passion for their role in the agriculture community, are always looking for opportunities to continuing their education and to give back to youth programs.

You can find them on Facebook at Gillespie Show Cattle and at You can also learn more about their local organization, Marias River Livestock Association.

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View of the rim rocks on the Gillespie's ranch near the Canadian border in Northern Montana.
View of the rim rocks on the Gillespie’s ranch near the Canadian border in Northern Montana.