If you’ll recall on last week’s podcast, we visited with a younger rancher from British Columbia (Episode 012) after my trip to the BC Cattlemen’s Association Annual General Meeting in Penticton. This week we’ll continue with conversations from that meeting.

On Episode 013 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, I sit down with Kevin Boon. He’s General Manager of BCCA, based in Kamloops, BC. As I’ve had an opportunity to visit a few of these Canadian Association meetings during the past month, I find there is more in common with U.S. ranching than there are differences. Sure, there are differences in a few government policies and organizational structures, but ranchers are still dealing with many of the same issues.

Image via BCCA
Image via BCCA

So, it’s been a great chance to hear from some of these cattlemen and women and get their perspectives on the issues. It was also great to hear how the BCCA is working to ensure younger producers have their voices heard through better representation in the organization’s leadership roles.

It was great to meet Kevin and catch up with him. I hope you’ll take an opportunity to follow the British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association online. Find them on Facebook and Twitter. Read more about my trip to BC in an earlier post.

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I hope you enjoy this episode of the Agriculture Proud podcast. Check out all my episodes at BeefRunner.com/podcast.

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