Want an opportunity to do research with Jack Daniels? Have you considered studying cattle nutrition? Well, I didn’t get to drink any JD as part of the work, but we did get to use some of their by-products from distilling as feed for beef cattle.

On Episode 025 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, Ryan Goodman and Carrie Mess continue the Over A Beer series talking about hot topics in agriculture. This week, Carrie turns the table on Ryan to ask several questions about the world of beef cattle.

And Carrie doesn’t start off easy.

We talk about the import of beef from Brazil and concerns that have been expressed surrounding that import and export. And of course, associated with that conversation comes a discussion on Country of Origin Labeling.

Instead of reiterating numbers and resources, I’ll direct you to a few previous blog posts where I’ve discussed the topics at hand. (Note: In the podcast I misspoke. The COOL suit was actually with the WTO, not the UN.)

Is beef healthy or safe to eat?

We hear many concerns about the safety of eating red meat or association with diseases or chronic conditions. For these questions (and many surrounding the raising of beef cattle), I would recommend searching my blog, or heading over to the BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com OR BeefResearch.org as a great resource on a number of questions.

Protein in an athlete’s diet?

You bet I’ve talked a lot about this on social media and I blog about my participation in Team Beef. Back when I wrote about my 30-day Protein Challenge, I included information about how beef provides essential nutrients for staying healthy in training for something like my upcoming 50-mile run. Learn more at BeefNutrition.org.

What is the proper temperature for cooking beef?

Many food safety concerns can exist if we do not handle food properly in the restaurant or our home kitchens. This is why it’s important to cook beef thoroughly. At the same time, for a great tasting meal, you shouldn’t overcook your beef. Learn more about Food Safety from the USDA and proper cooking methods and recipe ideas at BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com.

ask a farmer beef cattle

Thanks to our sponsors (if we had sponsors) – Spotted Cow Beer from New Glarus Brewing for the hydration and to Crawfish Junction for the location for the discussion.

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