I’ve always been a big supporter of our Land Grant University extension and research programs. Growing up in 4-H had me acquainted with their efforts from the start. Continuing education in the college of agriculture had a natural integration through my undergraduate years, and my graduate research program allowed me to dive even deeper working closely with a state Beef Cattle Extension Specialist. Today, I still work with these programs by┬ávolunteering on the┬áMontana Agricultural Experiment Station State Advisory Council. So, am always excited to catch up with our Extension and Research faculty to help share the stories of their important contributions in the agriculture communities across the country.

Photo via MSU
Photo via MSU Animal and Range Sciences

Episode 009 of the Agriculture Proud podcast features guest Dr. Megan Van Emon, Montana Beef Cattle Extension Specialist located in Miles City, Montana. Dr. Van Emon also works on a USDA-ARS research station, Fort Keogh, so she has the opportunity to serve and be involved in a number of great projects working for Montana cattle ranchers.

I recently caught up with Dr. Van Emon to learn more about her story becoming involved in the agriculture community. Like me, she moved West to follow a passion for working with ranchers who are great stewards of our land, raising some amazing cattle.

The Montana State University Beef Extension team does a great job making their research findings available online for users to find and share. You can follow their Facebook page – Montana State University Beef Cattle Extension – to find their updates. They have also set up a website where we can easily access the annual College of Agriculture and Extension Research Report to stay informed about their latest research work.

Be sure to connect with Dr. Van Emon on Twitter (show some love so she’ll tweet a bit more!) and you can find her contact information here. You can definitely tell she has a passion for working with ranchers and helping others learn more about our favorite topic – beef cattle ranching.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Agriculture Proud podcast. Check out all my episodes at BeefRunner.com/podcast.

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