Jenn Zeller, South Dakota
Jenn Zeller, South Dakota

Have you met likely the most popular rancher on Instagram. Jenn Zeller is the guest for Episode 8 of the Agriculture Proud podcast. I always have fun catching up with Jenn, so I am excited to have her on the podcast to share a bit of her story and knowledge. Jenn has been recognized by Instagram for her work in sharing the experiences of ranch life through photography.

In this episode, Jenn shares a few tips for those of us who would like to improve our photography skills and what to avoid when you’re capturing scenes on the farm and ranch. She does a great job of explaining the basics of what to look at for those of us less-advanced with the camera. Also, Jenn has a great story to share in moving from the Dallas area to rural South Dakota. She loves working with horses and cattle and was excited to take her story to Los Angeles with Instagram last year. I think you’ll really enjoy this story.

Be sure to catch up with Jenn online. She can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as writing for her blog ( and

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