podcast rss logoIf you’ve been following my Twitter or Instagram feeds lately, you’ll likely find I’ve been putting in a few miles in training for this year’s marathon plans. This time on the trail and road ends up getting me through several podcasts and audiobooks each week. A few weeks ago, I shared my favorite agriculture podcasts, but that only makes up a portion of my playlist.

Much of the time spent running on the trails is completed listening to others sharing their running experiences and wisdom on a variety of podcasts. I find these often filled with humor and leaves me imagining how great it must be to compete with the elites on some of this country’s greatest race courses.

Running Podcasts

Just in case you might be looking for some inspiration to run this year, here are a few of the podcasts frequently on my playlists. Areas of interest include trail running, marathon road running and ultramarathons (50+ km).

Most of these shows are close to an hour in length. That makes a great fit for most of my runs and workouts. Usually, there is a new episode each week from a different podcast and an entire host of archived shows that are not time sensitive if you feel the need to catch up from the start.

These podcasts are filled with interviews of other runners, tips beginning runners and continuous training, and recaps of races in some awesome locations.  Featured runners on these podcasts always have a unique perspective and almost always a good sense of humor. At times I don’t always agree with their positions on food or agriculture topics. But it’s a good way for me to better understand how people perceive my line of work.

Do you have any favorite running, fitness, or outdoor podcast suggestions? As I continue training for my upcoming races with Team Beef and hitting the trails in Montana, I’d love to find new shows!

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