Sarah Bohnenkamp

Episode 5 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast takes us to Colorado for a visit with Sarah Bohnenkamp. Sarah is a leadership coach who works with and helps us work with millennials. I met Sarah a few years back working with the American National CattleWomen’s Beef Ambassador program and we’ve kept in touch over the years. She’s a gal full of energy and some great advice who can help all of us better understand our own leadership skills and work better with those around us – even on farms and ranches.

Currently, I’m working with Sarah to put on a Leadership Series in conjunction with the Montana Stockgrowers Association as we work with a group of young ranchers throughout the year to be better leaders in their communities and in their careers.

Sarah also helps me address a question submitted by readers. How do we respond to friends and relatives when disagreement arises surrounding controversial topics – such as GMOs, antibiotics in meat, etc.? We want to preserve those relationships, but it’s not always the easiest conversation to address. Sarah gives us some great advice to help with these situations.

You can find Sarah Bohnenkamp online at or on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Periscope!

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