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Yes, I actually took this photo at the MSP airport.

I love books and reading about the experiences of others. While I get many, many hours of audiobooks in while running the trails and during marathon training, my bookshelf over flows with well-read (and to-be-read) paperbacks.

I love non-fiction and western history, books to add historical context to the places I’ve lived, perspectives on food and agriculture, fitness and training from other runners, and books to improve my leadership and personal development.

While I may not always agree with some of the perspectives (*) I read on food and agriculture, I believe it important to better understand all sides of the issue to be more firm in my understanding and beliefs. That being said, I don’t endorse messages is every book listed below, but I still believe they’re important to be familiar with.

This list is always changing. Let me know what you think, if you agree or disagree, or if you have suggestions for my shelf. Email me with your book suggestions, or shoot me a Tweet.

The Fence Post

Books I have read and my thoughts about the material

the-big-fat-surprise-bookFood and Agriculture

louis-lamour-booksGeneral Fiction

Leadership and Business


born-to-run-christopher-mcdougallRunning and Fitness

6000-miles-of-fence-xit-ranchWesterns and History

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*Books marked by an asterisk are included for context surrounding food conversations, not necessarily an endorsement of beliefs by the authors.