2020 has brought us a flurry of confusing information online with regards to the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. Presidential elections. It’s often difficult to understand what if truth and what is fiction. An important term to understand is disinformation (think documentaries such as Plandemic, or online election campaign propaganda) and how it is different from misinformation. So we decided to break things down with a social scientist to help us all get a better grasp on digesting information.

This week on the podcast, Carrie Mess (a.k.a. Dairy Carrie) and Ryan jump on Zoom for a virtual Over A Beer episode with guest, Cami Ryan, PhD, a social scientist with Bayer. If you haven’t already, you should subscribe to my podcast (RSS link) to listen to all previous episodes. You can find those episode show notes here.

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Podcast 042 – Disinformation in Agriculture

Cami Ryan, PhD recently published a paper (Monetizing disinformation in the attention economy: The case of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)) focusing on disinformation campaigns and their impact on agriculture and science conversations.

In episode 042 of the podcast, We discuss the impact these disinformation campaigns have on agriculture advocacy conversations. Cami also shares how agriculture advocates can be stronger communicators, not by sharing the facts, but by focusing on the relationship when it comes to these tough scientific topics.

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