In the world of agriculture advocacy, we often get caught up in the latest social media tools. But, truth is, we can be advocates offline as well. Let’s not forget I started with a dumbphone just a few years ago. And apparently Carrie like to tell people to just EAT IT in song. (At least I think this is what she was trying to sing.)

On Episode 028 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, Ryan Goodman and Carrie Mess continue the Over A Beer series talking about hot topics in agriculture. This week, we’re talking about how you can be an advocate for agriculture offline.

So often Carrie and I will be visiting with attendees of a local meeting, conference or workshop, and receive great supports for our efforts in agriculture advocacy. But it never fails that we hear an undertone to the effect of, “That’s great! But I’m not doing it. Social media is for millennials.” And that is always disappointing. We can all be advocates in our own right and that does not have to include social media.

How to advocate offline

If the internet ceased to exist tomorrow, could you still find a way to advocate for your cause? Sure you can! There are always opportunities surrounding us. A few of the advocacy examples we provide in the podcast include:

  • Saying thank you at the grocery store like Carrie’s father-in-law
  • Be involved in local civic organizations
  • Connect directly to customers
  • Be involved in legislative or policy advocacy efforts
  • Connect via a mutual interest like Ryan’s example of Team Beef running

Also see this interview with RealAgriculture where I speak to the same topic.

Sometimes we just have to DO IT. We need to be involved and we shouldn’t be afraid to be ourselves. One of the best ways to advocate is to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and just do it.

Keep in mind, not everyone should be doing the same thing. And talking points are boring. (And that’s a hint about next week’s topic…)

One of the most fun opportunities I’ve taken advantage of to advocate offline has included connecting with other runners through Team Beef and sharing some great conversations over beef jerky while on the race course.

Thanks to our sponsors (if we had sponsors) – Spotted Cow Beer from New Glarus Brewing for the hydration and to Crawfish Junction for the location for the discussion.

Be sure to hop on over to Carrie’s Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect with her. If you’re interested in helping your business learn more about involving social advocates in your outreach and marketing strategies, or if you’re an advocate looking to get involved, check out GROW Influencer Group.

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