For years, we’ve talked about sharing your story in the context of agriculture advocacy. Today, while there is an increasing number of agriculture advocates sharing their stories on blogs, that doesn’t mean we’re doing it in the most effective manner to reach the audience we truly would like to reach.

Western Author Kari Lynn Dell

On Episode 016 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, I catch up with a fellow Montanan, Kari Lynn Dell. She’s a rancher and rodeo cowgirl, who happens to be an author. Kari has views of Glacier National Park from her house, doesn’t live far from the Canadian border and doesn’t think it abnormal to see snow most months of the year.

We talk a bit about ranching and rodeo, but quickly moved into some advice Kari can share from her experience as a writer. Agriculture bloggers are often quick to jump on the advocacy train with an agenda to their writing, but Kari proposes use of entertaining storytelling to draw your crowd in. I think she makes a good point a few of us (yes, myself included) could learn from to help reach outside the choir.

Kari Lynn Dell Montana Rancher

Kari uses a great non-agricultural example to describe this point. Check out Jenny Lawson’s book, Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things, and her accompanying blog – thebloggess.

You can find Kari Lynn Dell on her website, Facebook, Twitter and blog. You should also check out her book (released August 2) featuring a rodeo stock contractor and a behind the scenes look at rodeo life. You can find Reckless in Texas and all Kari’s books on Amazon.

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