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Podcast 020 – Introducing Over A Beer With Dairy Carrie

When good friends get together and sit down and catch up over a beer, you never know what will come of the conversation. This is especially true when Dairy Carrie is involved. On Episode 20 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, we launch a new series, appropriately titled, Over a Beer. On a recent visit to […]


Podcast 019 – Raising Bison For Meat in Montana

In Episode 018 of the podcast, I visited with the National Bison Association to learn more about raising bison commercially across the United States. We touched on a fair number of statistics to describe this sector of the agriculture business on a national level. On Episode 019 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, I follow up […]

Podcast 018 – Bison Ranching with National Bison Association

When most of us hear about bison and Montana, what comes to mind? Usually, it is images of Yellowstone and free-roaming mammals of American history. While these animals have an important role in our North American heritage, bison is also becoming a popular item on restaurant menus across the country. Earlier this month, I had […]

Podcast 013 – Kevin Boon on British Columbia Cattlemen

If you’ll recall on last week’s podcast, we visited with a younger rancher from British Columbia (Episode 012) after my trip to the BC Cattlemen’s Association Annual General Meeting in Penticton. This week we’ll continue with conversations from that meeting. On Episode 013 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, I sit down with Kevin Boon. He’s […]

Podcast 012 – Attorney-Rancher on Succession Planning and Food Trends

On Episode 012 of the Agriculture Proud podcast, we’re headed north to British Columbia to discuss a number of topics with attorney and rancher, Ryan Scorgie, from Kamloops, British Columbia. I was able to catch up with Ryan during a recent trip to Penticton for the BC Cattlemen’s Annual General Meeting. Succession planning is an […]

Podcast 011 – Ranch House Designs on Cattle Photography

A few weeks ago (Episode 008), we discussed photography skills with Jenn Zeller, South Dakota Cowgirl, in the context of being out on the ranch for advocacy and sharing your story. This week, we take a little different approach to photography skills and turn our attention to capturing those sometimes hard-to-get photos of cattle on […]

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