It never fails that when the Holiday Season comes back around, I’m asked what I want for gifts and struggle to come up with a good request. Just like many other people, when I want or need something, I jump online to buy it. But what if Santa was a farmer? What gifts would I really want him to bring?

Is Santa A Farmer?

A few years back, a friend proposed this question and it sparked some good discussion. Among the indisputable facts that Santa is a cowboy or a farmer, we find some good points.

  • Santa spends a good amount of time with his animals, even in the worst of winter weather conditions.
  • Santa isn’t afraid of working long hours and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Santa knows the importance of a good pair of boots and having the right clothing for the conditions.
  • Santa loves a good late snack, including a tall glass of milk.
If santa was a farmer

If Santa was a farmer, what would you ask for?

What would be on your wish list if Santa was a farmer? There are plenty of things any farmer or rancher wishes they could have if their requests were magically granted.

More moisture – Without hesitation, many farmers and ranchers in drought-stricken areas would ask for more moisture in the coming year. Moisture in the form of rain or snow helps grass grow for the livestock and crops grow in the fields.

No equipment breakdowns – Maintenance of equipment on the farm or ranch is always a battle. Something always seems to break at the most critical times – be it a tractor in the field or a pickup that’s needed to feed in the mornings. And if it’s going to break down, maybe the least Santa could do is make sure we have the right spare parts in the shop?

Pay down debt – Whether it’s an operating loan or funds we used to purchase new equipment, it’d sure be helpful if Santa could help by providing a little financial relief this year.

High crop or livestock prices – Wouldn’t it be nice if prices were high right when we needed to sell this year’s crop straight from the field or aligned perfectly for when the new group of calves is ready to leave the pen? While we’re here, maybe we could work on bringing input prices down, too?

No hungry people – One of the best wishes that could be granted is if Santa could help us feed the hungry people in our communities and around the globe. Every farmer takes pride in providing healthy, nutritious food for people, and that’d be one big wish that could make a big difference!

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