January is a month of fresh starts and resolutions as we begin a new year. Below are a few ideas and some inspiration for your advocacy efforts during the month. Many topics center on food and agriculture themes, while others are opportunities to connect with non-agriculture audiences on shared interests. As you use this content throughout the month for your January advocacy efforts, tag @BeefRunner on social media.

January advocacy and agriculture blog topics

January Advocacy Themes

Throughout the month of January, join the conversations surrounding new resolutions and goals for the year. By sharing your aspirations and progress with friends and online followers, you can add accountability to the process. Keep reading for a list of monthly and weekly themes during the month of January.

In addition to discussions surrounding fitness, diet, and personal development, you can celebrate many great foods and recipes. I’ve curated a collection of themes and topics for each day of the month, along with prompts for your agriculture blogs and social media content.

Download a January advocacy toolkit for a printable calendar and resources.

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January Advocacy Awareness

January is a month celebrated by many animal rights activists as Veganuary. As a global campaign, Veganuary challenges people to go vegan for the purpose of “protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people.”

It is not suggested that you participate in nor raise awareness of this activist campaign against animal agriculture – doing so only enhances their visibility. However, it is important that you are aware of the campaign where many activists have previously taken the opportunity to ramp up attacks against individuals and organizations involved in animal agriculture. This campaign also uses celebrity endorsements to raise awareness of their campaigns.

If you do choose to engage, it may be better to do so by addressing the topics the Veganuary campaign chooses to highlight. You can use your advocacy efforts to discuss animal welfare, environmental sustainability, or nutrition.

Monthly Advocacy Topics for January

  • Blood Donor Month – Are you a regular blood donor? This month, share your story as a donor or how you’ve been impacted as a recipient. Find more info or a blood drive opportunity near you from the American Red Cross.
  • Hobby Month – What hobbies do you enjoy aside from your primary line of work? This month, take the opportunity to share these hobbies through your social media channels and connect with people who have the same interests!
  • Mentoring Month – Who has been a mentor and made a significant impact on your life. Share how you’ve benefited as a mentor or mentee this month.
  • Oatmeal Month – Are you a fan of oatmeal? This month, share your favorite ways to enjoy oatmeal and how you incorporate this healthy whole grain into your daily routines. Know an oat farmer? Be sure to give them a shoutout and feature this month!
  • Slow Cooking Month – Grab your slowcooker and dust off those delicious family recipes. Share them throughout the month with your followers and discover a few new favorites to add to the rotation. Or share a few beefy slow cooking tips.
  • Soup Month – Help others warm up during the cold winter months by sharing your favorite soup recipes this month. Check out some beefy soup inspiration.
  • Sunday Supper Month – Join the Sunday Supper movement to highlight the tradition of meal-time around the table. Use the #SundaySupper hashtag to share and discover quick and easy recipes each Sunday this month and every week throughout the year.

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