December is a month of food, family, friends, and holiday celebrations. As we enter the final month of the year, take an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments and favorite moments from the past 12 months. Use these ideas for your December agriculture advocacy and blog topics.

For a list of daily topics and themes, including food and agriculture subjects, click here to download the December toolkit created just for you. In addition to daily ideas for food and agriculture, the toolkit includes prompts to help you set goals and measure your results for online advocacy efforts.

December Agriculture Advocacy and Blog Topics

Monthly Agriculture Advocacy Topics for December

As you look for agriculture advocacy themes and blog topics for the month, consider these resources for online content and conversation starters. While not all themes are specific to food and agriculture, advocates can use these topics as prompts to share your stories that are important to your non-agriculture audiences by connecting on things you both care about outside of agriculture.

  • Tie Month – What festive or interesting ties do you have for the holiday season? Share a photo of these and the stories behind them.
  • Write a Business Plan Month – How is your business reflecting on the past year and planning for the year ahead? Give your audience some insight on this process.
  • Root Vegetables Month – onions, sweet potatoes, turnips, and so many more! Don’t keep your favorite root vegetable recipes to yourself this month.

Sharing Your Favorite Holiday Traditions

As we roll through the month of December, several holidays are celebrated. Take this as an opportunity to share your holiday traditions with family, friends, and co-workers. Are there specific foods or dishes that you enjoy? Share those recipes! Does your family have traditions around the holidays each year? Share those shared experiences with others!

  • Write up your favorite family recipes and share the stories behind the traditions.
  • Do your family or friends have traditions for holiday celebrations? Share those experiences with others.

Reflect on Your Favorite Moments of 2021

The final month of the year is an opportunity to reflect on your favorite moments from the past year. Scroll back through your social media feeds, photos, and calendar to find those memories. Consider resharing those in your social feeds or stories as part of a countdown of your most popular or favorite content.

  • Share a countdown of your most popular social media content on your Facebook page or in your Instagram stories.
  • Relfect on a list of accomplishments and lessons learned from the past year.

National Day Celebrations in December

Each day of December is set aside to celebrate a new theme. These national days range from World Soil Day (5), Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (17), and Thank You Note Day (26). Use these days as an opportunity to reach outside of agriculture and connect with new people on mutual topics of interest.

National Days celebrating a specific food or recipe are a great opportunity to share a few farm or food facts and join the conversation with the stories behind your favorite family recipes.

To access a free toolkit with a calendar of daily themes and a worksheet to help you set and accomplish your advocacy goals throughout the month, click here to download your toolkit.

What Agriculture Advocacy Topics Will You Use?

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