This week I was invited to join the Farm Traveler podcast for a brief discussion on impacts of COVID-19 on the beef industry. I’ve spent much of the past 8 weeks reading everything I can on the impacts to our industry and trying to keep up with the questions coming from farmers, ranchers and beef advocates I work with.

Beef and COVID-19 Interview

Here’s a video of our interview where I share some of the trends we’re seeing as far as impacts on the cattle and beef industry during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’d like to listen to the interview, find it on the Farm Traveler podcast here.

  • What impact is COVID-19 having on the beef industry?
  • Is there a cattle shortage? Or is that different from a beef shortage?
  • Will legislation proposed by Warren and Booker have an impact on large-scale livestock agriculture?
  • What misinformation is being shared related to beef and COVID-19?
  • Are there any benefits the beef industry may see coming out of the coronavirus pandemic?
  • What trends are changing with cooking at home more often and lack of travel?

As soon as the interview started and we mentioned the weather in Colorado, Google wanted to chime in from my phone. I couldn’t get it to do that again if I tried. Guess, that’s just real life. #facepalm

Beef Resources on Coronavirus

During this coronavirus pandemic, there has been a ton of uncertainty about what the future may look like and if our food supply will remain stable. The best voices of reason I’ve found sharing accurate information has been our land grant university agriculture economists. They’ve been able to keep a fairly level-head and stick to sharing their science-based perspectives.

Here are a few links I’ve found most helpful regarding beef and COVID-19.

beef and COVID-19 on the farm traveler podcast

Amidst all of the uncertainties, one thing we know is that the situation changes daily. And until we find a long-term solution to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ll continue to see disruptions to our daily lives and what we once knew as normal.

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