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Psycho Wyco 50k – Kansas City

2019… my big goal for the year is sticking to the plan. Last year, I fell short of my BHAG and I’m bound and determined to reach that 100k mark this year. Part of that plan involves completing a distance of at least 50k for a long run each month, hopefully with a few 50 […]

Fueling Greatness for the Chicago Marathon – #FuelGreatness

For anyone who has been following my story for the past few years on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been seriously bitten by the running bug. Every weekend I’m out on the trails and going for a long run. In 2016, I completed my first three marathons and in June 2017, I completed […]

My first ultramarathon distance | Team Beef Runner

Success is not achieved in the comfort zone. Growth occurs when we push ourselves in many facets of life or work and I’ve been successful in doing that for the past few years. Facebook has a way of bringing things around with its On This Day feature and today it reminded me of previous milestones in my running […]

Beef. It’s What’s for the Montana Running Ranchers’ Pre-Race Dinner

The following is a repost of a column by Nicole Ginley-Hidinger shared on the Ragnar Road Blog. The Montana Running Ranchers are very thankful for Ragnar featuring our team prior to the recent Ragnar Relay Hawaii. Be sure to read all my coverage of our relay team, the Montana Running Ranchers. Like what you see here? Sign […]

Montana Ranchers Complete 200-mile Relay in Hawaii

The following is a recap of the recent Ragnar Relay Hawaii, where I joined a team of runners from the ranching community to complete a 200(ish) mile relay around Hawaii’s Big Island. This was an incredible experience, tough race, and exciting time to connect with participants from across the country. Be sure to read all […]

Montana Running Ranchers: Billie Jo Holzer

Today we’ll continue with a series on the Montana Running Ranchers relay team. The team will be participating in the Ragnar 200-mile relay event in Hawaii, October 14-15, 2016. The team uses this event as an advocacy opportunity to share the message of beef in a healthy diet and Montana ranching with runners and athletes from across […]

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