Cody James Men’s Boot Review and Giveaway

There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh leather, right? When I’m walking down the street and pass boot shop, the smell always stops me in my tracks. Boots are a part of who I am, they’re with me every where I go and have so many stories to tell if they could talk. And I’m willing to bet there’s a few folks out there who could use a new pair of boots right now… As a way of saying THANK YOU to my followers, I am going to make that happen.

About a month ago, the fine folks at Boot Barn (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) asked if I would like to try out a new line of boots. The Cody James clothing line (exclusively at Boot Barn) consists of men’s shirts, jackets, belts, phone cases, and boots. There are 8 styles of boots to choose from and I was pretty excited to see these Square Toe Stockman boots come in Orange (go Pokes!).

I’ve worn the boots around for a month, and they’re definitely growing on me. A good pair of leather soled boots are always good for a little bit of everything once they’re broken in, and I’ve done just that. From sitting in the office all day, walking around downtown Nashville, checking cattle in the pasture, and even a little impromptu ball, they’ve treated me well. The boots fit well, don’t make my feet hot like some boots, and are comfortable to wear all day. They are made in Mexico. Maybe Boot Barn will find a way to bring it home for some American jobs in the future.

Cody James Boot Giveaway Contest

Now here’s the fun part, I have a pair of boots to giveaway! Cody James is a men’s-only line, so ladies you’ll just have to find a lucky guy in search for a new pair of boots ($150 value). You’ll have 8 styles to choose from – most shown here. The winner will be selected and contacted via email on Friday, June 29.

Contest Rules..

  • You must enter to win by leaving a comment on this blog post sharing how boots are a part of your lifestyle.
    • Must include an email in the comment form.
  • Additional entries may be earned by 2 ways (Limit 2 additional entries).
    • Post on Twitter using this tweet:
      • I’m entered to win a pair of Cody James boots from @BootBarn and @AgProud. Details here – #AgProudBootGiveaway
    • Post a link on Facebook, tagging the I am Agriculture Proud fan page, and mentioning the boot giveaway.
  • Entries must be completed by Thursday, June 28, 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Winner will be chosen via random number generator.
  • My family and Boot Barn employees are not eligible to win.

Consider this a big THANK YOU for following my passion and life in agriculture. My followers have been very kind to me over the last few years and it’s nice to be able to return the favor in one small way.

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  1. Well, I’m not a man, and I’m probably not the most eligible candidate seeing as I just did the ladies’ version of this a few weeks back. But I reckon I can still tell you what good boots mean to me: they’re a part of my identity.

    I mean, it’s simple to say, “Oh, they’re comfortable,” or “They’re durable,” or “I like the way they look.” All of the above apply, and that’s part of why it’s so hard to explain. If they suit me, fit me, feel right, and do their job…why wouldn’t I wear them? It seems weird to think there was a time I didn’t own any boots (during my too-cool-for-boots adolescent years) but after I bought myself a pair in high school, it just felt “right.”

    Good luck to everyone who applies! I’ll be sharing this with some of the gents in my life so that they can enter!

  2. My dad has farmed all his life, and everything he did, he did for his family. His boots are so old, but as a military wife we don’t have the extra money to buy him the pair he desperately deserves and needs. Boots have been the foundation of my family…they summarize my dad to a tee. Winning would mean the world.

  3. My boots have become a quintessential part of my every day wear. Whether I am outside working or running around the Ag Econ department at Kentucky, I have a pair of boots for the occasion. They have become my go to shoes for interviews and other dressier occasions, but still gave me the “performance boost” I needed to run down a shoplifter.

    They’re not something I grew up with (I was usually laced up in tennis shoes and cleats), but were introduced to me by my college friends and now I wear boots like other people wear their Nike. A pair of boots is everything people boast they are and more. Breaking boots in creates a bond much like a good pair of jeans or a wallet that will make it that much harder to part with when their days are numbered. Not everyone gets it, but that’s okay with me.

  4. Nothin’ like a good pair of boots. And you’re correct, Ryan: Nothing like the smell of fresh leather—maybe also fresh cut grass? Both scents are for sure in my top 5 because they conjur memories.

    When I’m not wearing my boots they’re in the closet next to my baseball gloves, Reebok cleats, and a bucket of baseballs. I think about all the hard work that went into making these leathery goods, and I am proud to support the farmers and ranchers, and give thanks to the animals, that supply me with nostalgia.

  5. Well, how boots are part of my lifestyle right now? Truth is they aren’t…. But my sister Kelly M. Rivard (@KMRivard) has been trying to talk me into getting cowboys boots for quite some time now and has been RAVING about her new boots! Winning a pair Cody James boots from Boot Barn ( would be an AWESOME way to get my start!

  6. Wearing boots makes me feel like I’m being true to myself–no dressing pretending to be something I’m not. I don’t have that “can’t wait to change as soon as I walk in the door” like I do when have to dress differently for clients. Other than boots, my dad only has a pair of slippers…can’t imagine him wearing anything else!

  7. Who doesn’t love boots? They are my go to most comfortable choice.. I have dozens of pair, some I have had longer than you have been on this earth, some I wear out in a year of hard labor.. my husband calls me a hoarder.. so I need to show him some of the good fitting, good wearing, leather soled comfort of a nice pair of boots.. he wears a crepe soled work boot day in and day out.. it is my GOAL to get him in something else.. this would be a fantastic way to get him to jump up into a decent pair of boots 🙂

  8. In my business boots mean credibility. I grew up on a ranch but like many of my fellow Gen Xer’s I now work with production agriculture indirectly. The farmers and ranchers I work for automatically know I’m genuine and trustworthy when I show up wearing boots. Not just polished dress boots mind you, but those boots I’ve ridden many miles in, had resoled more times than I can remember and probably still have a little dirt and manure on them from the last time I wore them. It’s an usnpoken message that this guy can stick with us to help get the job done, just like a good pair of boots.

  9. You hit it right on the dot Ryan. That smell of leather is always tempting. I have greatly enjoyed my last pair of boots this year. The best thing I love is they are easy to slip on and off and you don’t waste time tying shoe laces. They have been so comfortable wearing around the school while teaching. Even with being on my feet most of the day they were pretty comfy and durable for when we had to go outside for projects. Now that summer is here and I’m wearing some of my summer shoes, they don’t feel the same.

  10. These boots look really nice!! My fiance could really use a new pair of boots. We just had a baby girl a month ago, and these would be a great daddy gift!!!

  11. My husband is always outside working in our yard or in his garage. He beats up shoes so badly! A new good working pair of boots would be perfect for him!

  12. I wanted to enter this for my husband. He lives and works in boots. He is on his feet all day from building pole barns during the day to working at the sale barn loading out nights. It’s very important to have a solid pair of boots that can hold up to the wear and tear of his life. I’ve seen him in sneakers once in my life and it just didn’t look right! 🙂 He works very hard and I am very proud of him. He would be so happy to win a new pair of boots.

    Thanks for the contest Ryan!

  13. Despite Ryan’s positive review and the attraction of orange boots (even for this Sooner!), I too am disqualified because these boots don’t come in a narrow size. Nevertheless, I would add my praise as well.

    Other writers have commented on the identity aspect, as Ryan did on this post as well (“part of who I am”). Boots are not part of my identity but they symbolize what I’d like to be. Yes, I’m a wanna be. My job is in college education/social sciences, not related to agriculture at all though the town is agriculture-based and has cattle stockyards. Some might say my wearing boots is a sign of a poseur and perhaps it is true. One of my students who saw me at the store did actually say, “I never took you for a boots person”.

    However, the boot-wearing people I have met in the last 20 years have been exceptionally good and decent, hard working people. When I wear boots, I am inspired by their example to be a better, more honest person and to work harder with more determination. Boots inspire me to do more than I think I can and be more than I am.

    1. I too can spend many an hour in a variety of boots & I was excited to check out the variety of styles when clicking the link Ryan provided only to find one style wider than a “D” and that style is not something I am likely to wear.

  14. Hard to be a cowboy with out the boots…. Best of all they are made from one of my favorite animals…cows! Always enjoy getting a new pair of boots and breaking them in.

  15. Without my boots I feel like a stranger in a foreign land. I wear them every day. They are familiar, faithful and resilient. Whether I’m on a John Deere 4440, on the back of my buckskin, or in the Capitol building in Austin, I am at home in my boots. Like Nate above me, I also work with farmers and ranchers indirectly although I grew up on a West Texas farm and ranch myself. He is right, boots help credibility. I travel Texas interviewing farmers and ranchers about their projects, struggles, ideas and victories so I want them to be as comfortable with me as possible. In my boots, I’m comfortable – they’re comfortable.

  16. My love of boots came from growing up on a family farm in Iowa. Anywhere and everywhere we went, my dad always wore…well, still does wear…boots. So I guess my dad was also an influence in my love of boots. I was country, even when country wasn’t cool….like it is now. But I’m a little different in my boot love, because I want them to have attitude {just like me}! Dad just goes with plain brown or black. I think it’s time to change that up!

  17. Boots are an everyday part of my life. Whether at work at a commercial tire store, to church, out to dinner with the family or working around the place (feeding and working cattle, feeding or riding horses, fixing fence, bush-hogging or cutting pastures, working in the garden) I always have my boots on. I enjoy my boots because they’re comfortable, easy to get on and off and practical for everything.

  18. Boots are a part of me and my day. Whether at work at work in a commercial tire store, church, out with the family or working around the place with critters or on the tractor, I’ve got my boots. They are a part of who I am.

    I’ve always liked boots; not growing up around ag, I didn’t always have a pair, but I always looked up to the farmers & cowboys who wore them. To me boots represented a lifestyle I hoped to someday live but also a lifestyle that built our country.

    Today I’m proud to wear my boots because they respresent a lifestyle I’m proud to be a part of.

  19. I couldn’t tie my shoes until I was in grade school because all I wore was cowboy boots. Pants, shorts, whatever, I wore boots with them. Still not sure why we need shoes with laces…

  20. Living west of the Mississippi, boots are just a part of life. Maybe people have forgotten the past, but my dad taught us to ride, shoot, and fist fight as a part of growing up. I’ve always had a pair of boots. Like putting on the past, of honor, and keeping your word. Boots are a part of the code of the West.

  21. A pair for mud, a pair for a casual day out and about, a pair for the pasture, a pair for a night out on the town, and a pair for my weekday teaching career………….who doesn’t love a pair(or 5 pair) of boots!

    As a few previous people have said, boots say so much about us and who we are. I, too, have no clue what I was thinking during the bootless period of my life in high school when I was questioning the role agriculture would play in my future. It luckily didn’t take long for those boots to reappear in my life and lead me back to my roots in agriculture where so much of my heritage lies. It was funny to see and hear the reaction from my students the first time they saw me without a pair of boots on!

  22. Boots are all we own and wear. If my outfit won’t go with my boots, then too bad. They’re all I have! My Cowboy desperately needs a new pair, and he loves orange, so winning a pair would suit us just fine! Thanks for the chance.

  23. I love being able to pull on my boots and go. They’re comfy, they’re versatile and they’re functional. As well, they make a statement about who I am and what I’m about. I’d love to win a pair of these so I can get my fiance in an awesome pair of good looking boots.

  24. Cool giveaway, Ryan! I’ll enter for my husband, who desperately needs a new pair of work boots. He always wears his out until they have holes in them — but isn’t that everyone?

    We have a rather big collection of shoes at home but our boots are always our go to favorites because they always seem to be worn in just right and a badge of honor that we are real beef producers! 🙂

  25. Boots they define our life on the family farm. My husband is the worlds worst on boots. The pair I purchased for him at Christmas lasted 4 months before they were ripped apart at the seams. Boots that are as hard working as my husband are hard to come by. He leaves home before the sun has had a chance to even think about rising, heads to the family farm where you can catch him doing a variety of jobs from milking cows to cutting hay, repairing trucks that’s what happens when you are deemed Farm Manager…a couple of days a week you can find him in his other job as Barn Manager at the local cattle sale barn, pushing cows, loading trucks and climbing pens to get away from unruly bulls. His boots tell a story of hard work, dedication and love.

  26. Growing up on a farm I always have my boots on from running the tractor/combine to antique tractor pulls! A pair of shoes can change your life! 😉

  27. Love my boots! Well, my numerous pairs! Nobody can simply have one pair of boots. You need a pair for riding, a pair for working, a pair for casual wear, and any other reason. My Justin Workboots help me get through long days of working cattle and collecting forage samples for my undergraduate research, all while keeping my feet cool and comfy.

  28. Where to begin? Boots have been a part of my life probably since birth. My Dad (part-time fuel truck driver, full time farmer) has gone through more boots than I can count. I used to put on his over-sized steel-toed boots and clomp around the house leaving a mud and dirt trail (much to the dismay of my mother). I started out with lace-up boots, but soon graduated to pull-on Justins so I could get outside faster. My old leather Justins have so much scuff, they’re not even their original color, but they now have there own unique personality. They protect my feet during every kind of work. I wear them to the barn, the feed store, to town, and even…….to church. Everyone thats looks down sees my old boots and instantly, they know, I’m a farmer.

  29. Boots are a part ofthis cowgirl’s everyday lifestyle. I am the owner of Cowgirl Crush clothing and jewelry and daughter and ranxh hand at Nolz Limousin in Mitchell, South Dakota. Whether I am in my office selling clothing to make every Cowgirl glamorous or out on the farm with my boyfriend I am always sporting my boots.

  30. Boots are a major part of my life. I have my riding boots, my barn boots, and my never-to-the-barn-except-that-one-time-I-was-in-a-rush boots. There’s always a part of my life in the dust on my boots at the end of the day–they tell my story.

  31. Boots not only are the most comfortable shoes to wear but they tell so many stories. Whether I am at a cattle show or working cows through the chute at home I always have on a pair of boots. I still have a pair from 6 years ago because they have so many memories and I just can’t separate from them 🙂 They stand strong and deal with a lot of crap, like all of us Agricultural Enthusiasts!

  32. My husband wears his boots everywhere. He was born and raised on a farm and continues that tradition with our kids.. I could not believe he wore them to Washington DC with all of the walking we were going to be doing. Now, that I have a pair, I realize how comfortable they are. He is in the market for a new pair, so this would be great to win. However, he would opt for something besides orange! He is a K State grad.

  33. I wear BOOTS everyday! It doesnt matter if I am checking cattle, putting up hay, fixing fence, going out on the town, or going to a job interview, BOOTS are always on my feet! Comfort and reliability are very important to me and a good pair of BOOTS always satisfy my needs!

  34. Can’t a girl win the boots? I never had cowgirl boots til I went to my first livestock show a few years ago. Bought a pair there that I love but I could really do with an upgrade…. afterall, in business meetings and all, a pair of boots reminds everyone I work with farmers — gotta represent! And when I’m lucky enough to be in the field with some farmers, it shows them I’m still one of them! 🙂

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