Montana Running Ranchers logoToday we’ll continue with a series on the Montana Running Ranchers relay team. The team will be participating in the Ragnar 200-mile relay event in Hawaii, October 14-15, 2016. The team uses this event as an advocacy opportunity to share the message of beef in a healthy diet and Montana ranching with runners and athletes from across the country. Click here to learn more about this year’s event and team. To support the team or have your brand on the team vans, visit our Square store to donate today.

Today’s featured Montana Running Rancher is Sarah Nash from Harlowton. Sarah works on her family’s ranch, Nash Land and Livestock, between Melville and Harlowton. She’s been on the team for several major relays and is helping me co-captain this year’s team.

Sarah (right) after finishing the Bozeman Marathon in September 2015.
Sarah (right) after finishing the Bozeman Marathon in September 2015.

My name is Sarah Nash. I have been involved with Team Beef since 2010. Being involved with the team has introduced me to so many different people, and I have developed some great close friendships from the team.

I love representing team beef at relays and races, and interacting with people about agriculture and the benefits of beef in a healthy diet. The beef jerseys we wear at events draw positive attention and give many opportunities to open conversation about our industry. Each time I wear my jersey I have been asked questions about our team and what we do. It is a great way to reach out to many different large audiences.

I ran in college a little for fun and then really started enjoying it the more I ran and made fitness a priority and part of my daily life. I have run several half marathons and done numerous relays. Last year, I ran my first full marathon, the Bozeman Marathon, and plan to do the same full again this September.

Being a part of Team Beef has taken me many places, from Oregon to Colorado, San Francisco to Washington and now Hawaii! Every place I have traveled representing Team Beef I have memories of sharing my love for agriculture and beef with different people!

My biggest supporter and cheerleader is my daughter, Paige Raine (8), who will drive out to pick me up from a run on the ranch, make signs to cheer for me at a race, go on short runs with me, and workout with me at home when I am not running! I enjoy showing my daughter the importance of staying active and healthy with running and a diet filled with lots of beef!

I look forward to training hard this summer to proudly wear my beef jersey and represent agriculture and the beef industry.

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