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Quad Rock 25 in Fort Collins

If you’re looking for a May race with a variety of trails and plenty of vert, the Quad Rock 25 miler (or 50 miler, if you dare) by Gnar Runners in Fort Collins just might be your race. For the second time, I completed the Quad Rock 25 race and was more than happy to […]

How A Plant-Based Diet Made Me A Stronger Ultrarunner

If you’ll scroll back to episode 40 of the Beef Runner podcast, you’ll see I had a conversation with Registered Dietitian Nicole Rodriguez. During that conversation, we discussed the definition of a plant-based diet and ever since then, my wheels have been turning. I’ve been thinking about my own diet and how choosing a stronger […]

Ryan’s Running Intervention With Dairy Carrie | Over A Beer Podcast 033

Carrie has decided she needs to deliver a running intervention to call out – what she sees as – a crazy running addiction. For some reason, she thinks wanting to run 100 miles isn’t normal. And, of course, I disagree and know that my running adventures are completely normal for trail and ultrarunning. So we’re […]

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