Alright, so I have to ask… How do you satisfy your taste bros? A Twitter connection down in College Station has me stuck on this latest Sonic commercial, and we’ve decided…

“It’s like we’re not even taste buds. We’re taste bros. It’s like we all went through some real cool nature experience together, but things didn’t get weird…”

Here, I’ll just show you the commercial spot. I swear, I’m not making this up.

I usually get my taste bros off to a good start every morning. A little cereal and chocolate milk before I leave the house, a mug of coffee when I leave and another when I make to the office. Then the cafeteria is next door, so I usually grab some bacon and steak for a mid-morning breakfast by 9. Mmm, yep. I’d say my taste bros get a good workout!

As Fall kicks in I start thinking about all the great foods of the season. Pumpkin first comes to mind. More specifically – pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, with coffee of course! Then there’s those pecans! Oh man, now I’m really getting hungry.

What foods are harvested in the fall season?

Image Credit: Brian Scott – The Farmers Life

There’s a ton of foods and crops being harvested as we move into the Fall season.

Farmers like Matthew Boucher of Illinois or Brian Scott of Indiana and even Zach Hunnicutt of Nebraska are busy sharing about their corn harvest online. Matthew had a great blog post recently about the importance of safety on the roads during harvest. Brian does a great job of explaining where his corn, soybeans, and even popcorn goes after harvest!

Vegetable farmer Tyson Roberts of Utah is busy sharing photos of his peaches, sweet corn, cantaloupes, onions, and sweet potatoes that are being harvested this fall!

Rice harvest is wrapping up across much of the Mississippi Delta and California this Fall. With the recent news stories of arsenic levels in rice, many have been asking, “Is my rice safe to eat?” A friend and North Dakota mom answered this question on her blog and says it’s safe. A great friend of mine in St. Louis answered this as well from her experience of working with many crop farmers. As a farmer friend in Oregon pointed out, we’d have to eat an unbelievable amount of rice before we even had a chance to feel any ill-effects of arsenic levels. So, I’d say it’s safe to eat.

We can’t for get about those Texas cotton farmers out there working hard to supply our favorite natural fiber. I can even think of a few cranberry and apple farmers like Ben in Michigan working hard this Fall. And someone has to grow those mums too! My friend Mike in Ohio will be working hard on those.

I’m pretty excited to connect with all of these farmers online and follow the fall harvest season through their posts, photos, and tweets. What other foods and crops can you think of that are harvested during the Fall season?