I took this photo over the Tennessee River in Knoxville yesterday morning. It’s all about perspective.

Standing here, soaking up a crisp Fall morning, and drinking up my coffee, it all looks pretty peaceful. Then I remember I’m in the middle of a very busy city. You wouldn’t know it from this scene depicted, but I was standing on a¬†pedestrian¬†bridge of a very busy interstate with morning traffic buzzing behind me. The ground shakes with every truck that passes by.

I’m telling ya, life is all about perspective. Either you take it by the reins and make the most of what you’re given, or you can be negative about everything and look for the worst in things and people. Each person’s choice to make.


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Lauren Chase (@LaurenMSea), one of the site’s editors, chatted with me a bit earlier this week and has posted a Q&A profile with me. Hopefully you can learn a little more about who I am and a bit of how I work my way through the social media world.

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