Last month I had the awesome opportunity to share my view of farming on CNN by asking customers to seek out information about food from farmers. The post started lots of conversation about food and modern farming and the Eatocracy editors asked me to do a follow-up piece.

Farmers open to conversations

In my follow-up post on CNN last week, I followed up the plea for customers to seek out farmers by sharing links to a few farmer bloggers who are willing to answer questions about food and modern farming. These farmers include numerous backgrounds, production methods, and view points. Here’s a run down of the blogger links I shared. I hope you’ll check these folks out and thank them for sharing their stories online and being open to food dialogues.

There are many farmers blogging about what cattle eat at dairies in California andWisconsin, on beef farms, on grass pasture, or in feedlots. Farmers detail the growing season for a number of crops including cornwheat, and cotton. There are discussions of different farming methods, including organicsheirlooms, andGMOs.

Farmers know a lot about our food products, the business of farming and caring for the environment. They answer questions about animal welfarehormones in your milk supply, talk about the contracts with businesses like Monsanto, and describe their decisions to use antibiotics in livestock or the latest plant breeding technologies. If you have questions, there is a farmer somewhere willing to answer from their own experience.

Be sure to read the entire post on CNN’s website and join in the conversation. 

I even made it on the CNN homepage!
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