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Considerations for ranch business planning and management

Jumping into the cattle business today can bring significant rewards with historic market prices expected to stick around. However, that move also involves significant risk considering the amount capital required to make the investment. For many young people, such as myself, with aspirations to get involved in the family business or starting an operation from […]

Angus Association visits me in Tennessee [Video]

The American Angus Association is one of the largest organizations within the cattle industry and does a great job showcasing the hard-working cattle producers across the country. Along with numerous print publications, the Angus folks have a great online presence. Their YouTube channel is full of videos featuring great news and information for cattle farmers […]

Agriculture has some work to do

Recently in my article on CNN’s Eatocracy, I noted the need for a more balanced education for customers, but this fully applies to the agriculture community as well. It’s a work in progress for myself, and I’ve been reaching out for more candid conversations with those outside of agriculture production for their thoughts. So here […]

Start a conversation with a farmer and a customer

Last month I had the awesome opportunity to share my view of farming on CNN by asking customers to seek out information about food from farmers. The post started lots of conversation about food and modern farming and the Eatocracy editors asked me to do a follow-up piece. Farmers open to conversations In my follow-up […]

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