Dog days of summer

Can you believe it? 4th of July is here and gone! Happy Independence Day America! I’ve been in the office all summer it seems. In between headaches, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to attend a number of field days across the great state of Tennessee. There are some great cattlemen in this state. It’s a shame to see all of the grass and crops drying up.

Response to CNN Article

After my article appeared on CNN last month, I’ve had several messages from folks with questions about my work on social media. I really wanted to share this story, but felt it would be better told from another point of view. My great friend Janice Person (She rocks it online as @JPLovesCotton) took a moment to explain how I made it to CNN, the effort it takes to get a message out, and how others can do it too. You can view the post on the AgChat Foundation website. Janice also shared her thoughts on my work on her personal page. Thank you Janice!

Janice highlights a few of the efforts that helped me make it to a piece on CNN:

  • Puts himself out there in conversations and groups 
  • Engaging with people whether or not opportunity knocks
  • Built an incredible content base 
  • Offers expertise, don’t pretend to be an expert 
  • Celebrates other’s passions and successes

Be sure to read the post on to find out how to improve your efforts too.

Brain Clutter

It’s also been a busy time on the farm in Tennessee. I’m working on the literature review portion of my Master’s Thesis – better known as #ThePile. I feel like I’m constantly reading and getting no where. SO MANY papers to read! My mind is a bit tangles, so I hope I’m getting something out of all this and will hopefully soon be able to organize my thoughts on paper. For now it’s just a mess of notes with citations scratched in the margins. Blah…

Gotta feed everybody…

I’m Farming and I grow it!

In case you missed it… Three Kansas farm boys made it to be the talk of the town… Well, actually the talk of TIMES SQUARE. The Peterson brothers (Facebook) have been hard at work posting videos from their crop and livestock family farm and recently the eldest was inspired to pen a parody to LMFAO’s “I’m sexy and I know it.” The Peterson’s parody video, titled “I’m Farming and I grow it” quickly gained fame and garnered 2.7 million views in less than a week and a trip to NYC to appear on FOX News! If you haven’t seen the video these guys did an awesome job of depicting a modern family farm, passed along a great message within the lyrics, and continue to give the credit to all of Agriculture’s hard-working farmers. Great job guys!

Tennessee Heat and Drought

The heat has also been intense here in Tennessee. Nashville broke the all-time record with 109 degrees last Friday. We’ve had several days well above 105. It has been a scorcher, eating up the crops, and heating up the cows. I woke up at 4AM Sunday only to find it was 88 degrees. The window a/c unit in my house is worth squat so I’ve been sleeping in front of it on the couch. Don’t complain too much though. It could be the dead of winter…

The “cow-ncil” has decided it’s time for rain. No leaving the shade for this crowd.
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