I’ll never claim to be a good fisherman. As a kid I went pretty regular. On our ranch we had several ponds with catfish, bass, and crappie. Every time the grandparents would come visit we’d be out at the ponds all day and cleaning fish at night. I look back at those days and enjoy them quite a bit.

Sunday, the roommate, a friend, and I went to several holes around the lake. (FYI – The State ain’t afraid to charge a pretty penny for an out-of-state fishing license.) Just below the Locks we were run off when a tug boat came through. It was kinda noisy there any way.

The next hole, we were just below a dam. It was a quiet place to sit and soak it all in. I got a few good bites. Then the snakes showed up. Four of em came up and swam right up to our feet. You can call me a puss all day long, (pictures Tuff Hedeman scene from 8 Seconds) but I ain’t stickin around to see how big they are. After the fourth snake and no fish we decided it best to move on.

Then we found an even quite cove with shallow water. No snakes. No tug boats. Then a jet ski came around the bend. No fish.

We took in a drive around a few roads and found a lil family restaurant at a marina. Mmmm the burger was good! The other guys got the Tuna sandwich and it didn’t quite satisfy. (See, smart guys know beef fills a person up!)

At the end of the day we found another cove closer to town. I caught a small bass as did the friend. The roommate ended up with a stick.

Long story, short – at the end of the day I’m not a very good fisherman. If I had to survive on what I caught today, I’d be mighty hungry. Might need some help from Jesus to make my two fish into a feast.

When it comes down to it, I’m glad I’m better at raising cattle. And I’m thankful for our modern agriculture system that allows us to have a large diversity of food, year-round, and all at one setting without having to live on the fish we catch in a day. So much like I need to thank a beef, dairy, pork, wheat, and many vegetable farmers for my lunch, we should be thankful every time we sit down to eat. And thankful for modern agriculture that allows us to enjoy all variety of food whenever we please.

By the way, there’s never a day wasted fishing as long as you get to soak up some sun, fresh air, and the scenery of the water ways. Ok, now I need to get back to fishing…

Did you thank a farmer for your food, fiber, and fuel products today?

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.  ~Doug Larson

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