Not sure who, but someone once said “My day job is better than your vacation.” Pretty sure they were talking about my life. The past week has been quite a workout for myself, Pistol, and Grulla. We’ve been gathering bulls for the end of breeding season. Everything has been pretty smooth with the exception of almost getting my horse’s feet wiped out from underneath me by an aggressive bull last week. Tuesday did everything to prove that my day job truely is more fun than any vacation.

I’ve been getting out and about well before sun rise each morning, partly due to the awesome heat we’ve been having, and partly because there’s just something to feeling like I have the world to myself for a few hours each day. Yesterday I was out to gather my last two bulls. One in a pasture far from any corrals where there stands a very large section of brush, swamps, creeks, and pretty much snake pits in general. The other is a lil short, fat booger who caught on that something was up and decided he likes the pasture with the cows better than hanging with the boys all winter.

Not sure when the last time you were out at the crack of dawn, but there’s something awesome, and I just┬ácan’t put my finger on what it is, about watching the world wake up. I like to ride down in the river bottom pastures each morning, which are usually filled with a layer of fog. Tuesday there was just something special about it. I had to take a minute and soak it all in.

ranch sunrise
There’s nothing better
ranch horse grullo
I do believe he’s had enough feed
ranch sunrise cattle
Seriously… can’t beat it