Everything is kinda going through my mind while I’m listening to a Texas Country music show with my buddies from Dalhart. So, I really couldn’t settle on a topic for today’s post. However, I have had several links shared with me online in the last few days, so why not cover the buzz?

Image courtsey of Wildlife News and Habitat Management
  • PETA takes on the Lone Star State – Texas Farm Bureau blogger Mike Barnett takes on the PETA issue once again, as the animal rights group tells Texans how to fix the feral hog problem. As I’ve written before, these feral hogs can cause quite a problem nad are rampant throughout many parts of the Southern states. PETA fix? Round em all up and enclose them in a pen. Exactly how big would a pen be for 2 million hogs? The size of Texas? Personally, I like Barnett’s suggestion. Round a few of the toughest, biggest hogs and send em to the front door of PETA head quarters. Let them experience the problem.
  • Preconditioning Calves, What’s the benefit? – Next week I’ll be speaking at the St. Francis Arkansas County Cattleman’s meeting and I’ve been pondering what to talk about. I’ve kinda decided on a Top 5 management decisions to improve your calf crop. So this article caught my eye. Drovers CattleNetwork did a good job of outlining that preconditioning calves can earn producers an extra $6/cwt!
  • Don’t Let the Title Fool Ya, Meat Eater’s Guide– A Facebook friend sent me a link to this page operated by the Environmental Working Group, working to “protect kids from toxic chemicals in our food, water, air and the products we use every day.” But don’t be fooled, this page has the Meatless Monday theme. Anyone knowledgeable in nutrition would recognize meat products provide a great source of vitamins, protein, and minerals in a balanced diet. SO I suggest the EWG follow
  • More Political Mess With Meat Sales – A friend from the Minnesota Public Radio sent me this story from their page. The USDA is at it again and the question of market competitiveness for small farmers is up in the air again. The proposed rule could open up the mysteries to meat pricing by packers (something most small producers may not complain too much about).

Well these are just a few thoughts shared with me in the last few days via SM connections. What’s the news in your neck of the woods. Stay cool and hydrated out there! Autumn weather isn’t sounding like such a bad thing these days!