Last night I joined in probably the most fun chat I have ever participated in on Twitter. An aggies version of eHarmony, also known as “Agvodate“, is the unofficial #AgChat afterparty on Tuesday nights. Kelly Rivard (@kmrivard) and Brooke Clay (@brookeclay) some how brought things together for a moderated chat that gives those of us single tweeps with an interest in Agriculture a place to mingle.

Last night’s chat was a speed dating of sorts. Brooke moderated with questions from one end to the other. All the common interest questions were asked. But some of the most interesting things learned is any Ag date should include steak, potatoes, and pie. It was pretty much unanimous. We ended the chat by popcornning a few question which was a fun way to end it up. But then come 10 o’clock and I had to call it a night. Kinda made me feel like the Old Man, but it happens when you have to start before the sun comes up.

So according to the girls (Brooke) “single” in this case means you’re not a part of the “ring bling” club. Well, if you want to get in on the action, join us next Tuesday evening (Also on Facebook). Who knows what the topic may be, but it’s turning out to be quite the afterparty.

Looking for that perfect #agvodate? Try a weekend on the ranch. All inclusive with sunset horseback rides through the briar patches and maybe some long days in the hayfield for a ride in the big green tractor. Let's hope your horse stays on all 4 feet when a one-ton bull picks a fight during the summer gathering. Packages starting at $99.99