Video: Animal Welfare on Ranch

The following video is about real animal welfare on farms and ranches across the country. Response to Mercy for Animals, Animal Cruelty video from a Texas Dairy.

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  1. Great post Ryan! You need to take video at the chute and while you are gathering as well. It only took me close to 40 years to start taking pictures and video to try and show what we do!

    1. Thanks Bob. I have tried to take photos while gathering and vaccinating cattle, but it’s a lil difficult to do with only two hands and keep working. Probably the same reason why I’m never in any photos.

  2. I’m in the animal-rights movement (mostly keeping an eye on intensive confinement systems) and I think that people like you have more in common with us than with those giant operations that are structurally cruel. That is, we’re on the same side of caring for animals and for keeping the operations small.

    It’s not people like you that we’re against: it’s systems of cages, inherent abuse, animals crowded in the thousands.
    It’s a relief that people like you exist.

    1. Thank you Erica. I have worked in both large cattle feedyards and in many small, family cattle operations. I grew up on a family cattle ranch and love the life of caring for my cattle every day. So if you have any questions at all about cattle production, feel free to send me an email at agricultureproud AT hotmail

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