Earlier this month when I went to get new tags for my pick-up, I registered to vote – for the first time. Shocker I know, but enough prodding from Anna, and I finally checked the box to register. I have always stood by the way-side, stayed interested in the news reports, and read up on the latest Ag-related laws passes, but I never took enough initiative to vote in an election. Maybe it’s lack on confidence in our government to do what is morally right, or the confusion of why common sense seems to have left Capitol Hill many decades ago. Sorry, that is a whole different soap box.

Well, since I am now a “registered voter” I feel the need to keep in touch with those who “represent” me in the law making process. Social Media makes that connection so much easier today than ever before. I created a Tumblr account a few weeks ago with the sole purpose of exploration into more SM tools. Little did I know, I would let an Arkansas State Representative know about Agriculture’s use of Social Networking.

I found a post by a H.R. member in Arkansas. After seeing his membership on the Agriculture committee, I opted to send him the following message to show him my support. Included is his response.

This is a great example of how easy it is to let our law-makers know we are here to support them and also to educate them about real life in Agriculture. If they are making the laws that govern Agriculture, we should let them know how those laws effect us. As you can see, many of them may not know that farmers are on SM sites.

Finding your Representatives on SM is easy. The easiest way for me is to search for their names. If you are on Twitter, I found this cool site TweetCongress.org that lists all of the folks on Capital Hill that tweet. Ya’ll have to let me know of any other great sites like this. I am still learning.

Have you ever contacted law-makers via Social Networking sites? Have any interesting encounters? Let me hear about them.

Also, what advice do you have for me, as a new voter, for the easiest and best way to learn about the candidates in future elections?