#RanchLife – What Goes On At the Ranch

There are so many conversations on Twitter; it is impossible to keep up with every one. #AgChat is great because for the lively conversation on Tuesday nights. During the week the tag also serves for a great way to network with the #Ag community. One can pretty much find everything from the latest #AgNews, weather reports, or political statements on #AgChat. There is so much information flowing through this tag, that I often get overwhelmed; causing a lot of information to be overlooked. But what if I just want to know about life on the farm or ranch? You know, the daily activities of producing food?

I use Twitter for my random thoughts a lot of the time; kinda like a sound board, but I also use it to share how I produce cattle on the ranch. It’s simple to tell about feeding hay to the horses, moving on to clearing trees off of a fence line, or how things are going with calving season, but on #AgChat these stories about cattle production seem to get jumbled in the crowd. What if there are people out there looking for a story about daily life on the farm or ranch; wondering how that beef, pork, or chicken, wheat, corn, soybeans, or milk is produced?This is how I came up with #RanchLife. I use the tag to tell my daily story of life on the ranch through Twitter. The tag may have a small window of interest, but I think it has its purpose. If someone is looking to learn about daily life in food production this is the tag to follow. If they are want to learn how food is produced, not all the scientific book “how”, but what goes on in daily life on the farm, they can learn that here. I’m not proposing an end to #AgChat use, in fact it’s a great tool. I am just looking for something a little more specific.What do you think about #RanchLife? Does this tag have potential? Is this something you could use with your Tweets about chores on the ranch? Is this something you would look up to see what farmers and ranchers do to produce your food?

Let me know what you think.


    1. Well I didn’t think about the #ranchlife daily yet, but I have now. I’ll work on that this afternoon. What tags would be appropriate to associate with the #ranchlife daily?

  1. That is a great tag Ryan. Next week will be the experiment to see just how much punch agriculture actually has on the internet. The tags I will be using are #kamikazecow and #agritainer to promote the Texas Crossroads Cowboy Gathering. This event will be donating proceeds to our local 4H club and Christian Homeless Shelter and will be broadcast live to the internet at http://www.texascrossroadscowboypoetry.org I will be giving updates on both Twitter and Facebook every twenty minutes. Anyone wanting to participate in seeing how much effect agriculture can have on the internet can do so by following @Texascrossroad on Twitter. Whenever you are on the internet, keep the @Texascrossroads profile open in your browser and simply Re-tweet.

  2. Ryan, you bet! I’ve used it as you know… and its the tag I use on my blog almost every night. People need to see it’s not all romantic, but we believe in what we do… for generations!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog/twitter on my search for more information on agriculture– and this is exactly the stuff I was looking for! I am completely an “outsider” in the world of agriculture- it is something I would love to learn more about, and am considering a career in, but it seems like unless you were born and raised on a ranch, there is not much way to break into the world of Ag. Tags like #Ranchlife allow people to really know the day-to-day of what life is like for ranchers- which i think is incredibly valuable information- too much of what people hear about Ag is negative and I think they often forget about the people involved. I have been trying to follow #AgChat, but like you said, there is almost TOO much info, and my knowledge of Ag is limited at best, so it is difficult for me to follow along. I will look forward to hopefully seeing more #Ranchlife tags!

  4. I had tried to comment earlier, but i think wordpress may have ate it… if not, sorry for the double! Anyway… lets try this again.

    I found your blog/twitter while trying to find out more info on agriculture. I am definitely an “outsider” when it comes to the industry, I am very interested in learning more about it, both as a consumer and someone who just thinks it would be really cool to one day work on a ranch. From where I stand, though, it seems like it is almost impossible to break into the world of Ag unless you were born and raised on a ranch. So for me, tags like #Ranchlife really allow me to “peek behind the curtain” so to speak, and really get to see what life as a rancher is really all about. I think it will also help put a real life spin on the world of Ag- there is so much negative, incorrect info out there, and I think people really forget about the actual farmers and ranchers that are out there producing our food. Also, like I said, I’ve been working hard to become more educated on Ag- and the #AgChat, is helpful to some degree, but as you mentioned, it is almost TOO informative- so much info that I can’t keep up, especially with my limited knowledge. Anyway, looking forward to following more #Ranchlife tags!

    1. Sorry, unless someone has commented on this blog before I have to approve the comments before they appear. Too many spam messages to leave it open. But there are plenty of ways to become involved in Agriculture from the “outside”. You don’t have to begin immediately in production. Having an Ag-related job can set one up to become familiar with production practices and open doors to plenty of opportunities in Ag. A lot of it is the connections you are able to make. Just keep networking and something will come up.

  5. Great idea Ryan. I use the ‘farm life’ tag on many of my blog posts also…with the hopes of someone interested in the way we live on a farm and the things that go on here will google the term. Having a hash tag on twitter is perfect:)

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