There are so many conversations on Twitter; it is impossible to keep up with every one. #AgChat is great because for the lively conversation on Tuesday nights. During the week the tag also serves for a great way to network with the #Ag community. One can pretty much find everything from the latest #AgNews, weather reports, or political statements on #AgChat. There is so much information flowing through this tag, that I often get overwhelmed; causing a lot of information to be overlooked. But what if I just want to know about life on the farm or ranch? You know, the daily activities of producing food?

I use Twitter for my random thoughts a lot of the time; kinda like a sound board, but I also use it to share how I produce cattle on the ranch. It’s simple to tell about feeding hay to the horses, moving on to clearing trees off of a fence line, or how things are going with calving season, but on #AgChat these stories about cattle production seem to get jumbled in the crowd. What if there are people out there looking for a story about daily life on the farm or ranch; wondering how that beef, pork, or chicken, wheat, corn, soybeans, or milk is produced?This is how I came up with #RanchLife. I use the tag to tell my daily story of life on the ranch through Twitter. The tag may have a small window of interest, but I think it has its purpose. If someone is looking to learn about daily life in food production this is the tag to follow. If they are want to learn how food is produced, not all the scientific book “how”, but what goes on in daily life on the farm, they can learn that here. I’m not proposing an end to #AgChat use, in fact it’s a great tool. I am just looking for something a little more specific.What do you think about #RanchLife? Does this tag have potential? Is this something you could use with your Tweets about chores on the ranch? Is this something you would look up to see what farmers and ranchers do to produce your food?

Let me know what you think.