Have you been following the #RanchLife tag on Twitter? If you are interested in learning about the daily life of food production on the farm or ranch, this is a tag you should follow and use in your posts. Farmers and Ranchers can use this tag to share the highs and lows of daily events. Consumers can follow this tag to learn more about food production.

To encourage conversation and use of the tag, I will be posting a weekly topic for bloggers to share their stories and facilitate communication between the two groups. I hope you find these topics engaging and inspiring in your use of SM to tell your story of Agriculture.

Put your thoughts on this topic on your blog and post a link on Twitter using the #RanchLife tag. Look for the #RanchLife Daily that features links associated with the tag. You can also leave a link in comments section on this post.

Have any ideas for future topics? Send me a DM (@AR_ranchhand) or an email (agricultureproud@hotmail.com). Please pass this on to other bloggers who may be interested in joining in the #RanchLife conversation and weekly topics.