Month: January 2011

Raising Cattle is My Passion in #RanchLife

I have lived on the ranch all of my life. With the exception of a few college months in an apartment, I have been able to wake up with the sunrise to feed the stock and walk in the door just as the sun sets. There is nothing better in life than being on the […]

The Passions of #RanchLife

What fuels your passion for #RanchLife? Whether life on the farm or ranch involves growing food, fiber, or fuel, there are many things producers become passionate about. Is it seeing hard work pay off in a bountiful harvest, or helping a young newborn take its first breath in the world? What fuels your passion? Some […]

Connecting With Law-Makers on Social Media

Earlier this month when I went to get new tags for my pick-up, I registered to vote – for the first time. Shocker I know, but enough prodding from Anna, and I finally checked the box to register. I have always stood by the way-side, stayed interested in the news reports, and read up on […]

Food Critics… You Have the Wrong Man

Help me out here. I am confused. I just do not understand why food and health critics take aim at and blameĀ  “modern agriculture” for America’s health problems. Food producers (a.k.a. Farmers and Ranchers) are not the ones who bought the Twinkies and put them in your mouth or made you decide to sit on […]

Farm Tour: Clark County, Ohio

Back in October, I took us to three different farmers and ranchers who share their story of Agriculture through blogs and social media. This week I want to continue this “Farm Tour“ by featuring Sam Wildman. Sam is an 8th generation family farmer from Clark County, Ohio where his family raises swine. Enjoy this post […]

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