Month: January 2011

Get Your Stamps Ready

So do you have a postcard yet? Or are you waiting to find an Ag Fact? Or maybe you really don’t want to put forth the effort. (Stepping on some toes yet?) In last Monday’s post (50 States, 50 Stamps, and 1 Common Love for Agriculture) I introduced my Stamps on Ag Facts goal for […]

Growing Timber: Burning Underbrush

Do you ever wonder where your paper or lumber is produced? You can Thank a Farmer or Rancher for that! The timber industry is pretty big in Arkansas. According to the Ouachita Partnership for Economic Development, 18,778,660 acres, or 56% of Arkansas’ land is used for growing timber. This industry contributes more than 32,200 jobs […]

Wordless Wednesday: Arkansas Cattle AgFact

Captured this photo the other day as I turned out a bull to clean up some cows for fall calving. Thought it was cool. In the spirit of my “Stamps on Ag Facts” series, I will share an Arkansas Ag Fact with you today. According to the 2007 Ag Census numbers, Arkansas is home to […]

50 States, 50 Stamps, 1 Common Love For Agriculture

Deltiology is the study or collection of postcards. I am a confessed deltiologist. I have quite a collection of postcards from Wyoming to Atlanta and even the U.K. and Berlin. Every time family or friends take a trip, I ask they send me a post card so I can learn about those places I may […]

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