Who really cares that he is a State official. There is nothing more aggravating than being left in the dust by police officers when they can turn around and pull us over for going the speed limit if they want. NO ONE should be above the law. This is a disgrace for Arkansas officials.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — A state senator is in hot water after speeding across two counties Monday.
The deputy who chased senator bruce holland for 20 miles says his actions put many people in danger, but he didn’t ticket him. He says all his professional training indicates members of the general assembly get a free pass during session. “i’m a law enforcement officer, i don’t sit back and watch people just flagrantly disobey the law. I don’t care who they are.”

Deputy ray byrd was on duty in perry county — when a grey sports car passed him on highway ten — but he had no idea state senator bruce holland was behind the wheel. ¤A4 Stand up 15:00 “deputy byrd says he noticed holland speeding up in his rearview mirror and about to pass 3 vehicles on the road. And he turned on his emergency flashers and police lights to notify him to slow down.” ¤A6 Deputy ray byrd, criminal investigator – perry co. Sheriff’s office 2:57 “when i got to hill, you can see about another half mile. And right along the next curve and he was already up to that curve. And i looked down and i was doing 95 and him still pulling away.” Dispatch helped pull holland over in ola. Deputy ray byrd, criminal investigator – perry co. Sheriff’s office 5:30 “i blocked his path. Got out of the vehicle. Got out of my truck with my hand cuffs in my hand “this dude was gonna go to jail.” ” But byrd learned holland wore a name tag for the state senate. Deputy ray byrd, criminal investigator – perry co. Sheriff’s office 8:44 “and i was absolutely shocked. My exact words were ‘you’ve got to be kidding me. A man of your position doing what you just pulled.’ “

Senator holland refused to go on camera with today’s thv, but did release a statment saying quote — i am truly sorry… I was speeding and i made a mistake. No one is above the law, and i take full responsibility for my actions. Not good enough for deputy byrd. 11:09 “i told him i find it an embarrassment. Butt to i told him i was ashamed of him.” Senator holland says he didn’t realize deputy byrd was chasing him.

Now as to byrd not ticketing holland — a provision in the state constitution does prevent officers from arresting members except for certain crimes. However — the attorney general — back in 2003 — issued an opinion on that provision saying legislators can be cited or arrested for any criminal offense, felony, misdemeanor or otherwise going to or returning from a legislative session.