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Sharing My Passion With New Mexico FFA Students

Nothing but my best. Last week I told you about my trip to New Mexico where I had the opportunity to teach elementary and middle school youth about Agriculture. During this trip I also had the privilege of being the FFA banquet guest speaker. Even though this was a first for me, I had to […]


Agriculture Advocacy in Estancia New Mexico

This week I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Estancia, New Mexico to share my love for Agriculture with more than 600 students and parents. I love traveling West to see the wide open ranch country, changing terrain, and discovering new places, and what better opportunity than a chance to inspire others to learn […]

Agriculture – Top 20 Most Useless Degrees?

Last week I received a link to a story from The Daily Beast, an aggregator news website affiliated with Newsweek. The headline was “20 Most Useless Degrees” and wouldn’t you know it Horticulture (No.2), Agriculture (No.3), Nutrition (No.10), and Animal Science (No.20) made the list. The website laid claim that the first two degree fields […]

Caleb is AgProud and Ag-Thankful

Sometimes I forget what it would be like to be a first-generation Aggie. I grew up on the ranch, my dad the same, and the other Goodmans before him. Because of that there is probably a lot I miss, or maybe do not notice. But I wouldn’t give my raising on the ranch for the […]

The Future Of Farming

I’m sure you have seen the show Dirty Jobs featuring Mike Rowe and is adventures diving into some of the “dirtiest” jobs Americans tackle on a daily basis. Have you checked out his website mikeroweworks.com, or more specifically his blog on Farming, Fishing, and Food? It’s something to check out if you haven’t. Back in […]

Wordless Wednesday: Family Tradition

When it comes to production Agriculture, there is strength in numbers on the farm or ranch. People have joked for some time about having more kids because they are “free labor” but in reality the kids are a big part of a family farm operation. I was always at my dad’s side while growing up; […]

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