2010 is headed out the door and 2011 is on its way. When I started the “I am Agriculture Proud” Facebook group, I had no clue by the end of the year the group would have over 4,400 members and I would be writing daily for this blog. It is still weird that people actually want to read what I write about my life in the cattle business (and Thank You so much for that!).

Here are the top 5 posts from Agriculture Proud in 2010:

  1. AgProud Christmas Giveaway – This was a great opportunity to team up with Langston’s Western Wear and give you a bit of a Christmas gift. Hope you are enjoying those boots Caleb! Be looking for more of these giveaways in 2011.
  2. Big or Small, We All Produce Food – 2010 was filled with arguments between large and small food production systems. I give my opinion and remind you that no matter the size of the operation there are still real people behind food production.
  3. In It for the Win or Experience? – A visit with a local FFA chapter reminded me of my days as a youth in 4-H and FFA programs. These programs instill great characteristics and life skills in youth, but sometimes we lose focus of these goals.
  4. Darcy is Ag-Thankful – The Ag-Thankful Series during the month of November was a series of guest posts where I asked others involved in Agriculture why they are thankful for that lifestyle. There were many great responses; each showing a unique perspective on life in food production.
  5. The Future of Farming – Mike Rowe hosts the show Dirty Jobs and has a great blog on his site mikeroweworks.com featuring Farming, Fishing, and Food. In one post he highlights the idea that “300 million Americans – all addicted to eating – have become disconnected from the people who provide our food?”

What were your favorite posts from 2010? What will look forward to hearing more about in the coming year?