Vlog. Video Blog. It is a great and easy way to share your story. Maybe you do not think of yourself as a great writer and find it difficult to write down your story in a blog. Have you tried telling your story through a Vlog? Video blogging is a great way to share a visual story with your followers and allows you to share more of your story about agriculture.

A big shout out to the Carrollton FFA youth for putting together this great educational video about caring for their cattle. It is great to see youth taking action and sharing a positive message about agriculture.

There are many Agvocates sharing their stories through Vlogs. Do a search on YouTube or visit the AgProud YouTube Channel to view links to many online agvocates who have joined the vlogging world. There are even a few of my efforts uploaded to the page.

I challenge you to start your own vlogging effort to share your story. All it takes is a digital camera and a little planning. Jot down some ideas you want to share in your video. Just show viewers a snapshot of your livestock, facilities, or scenery around your place. Introduce yourself, share a few Ag-facts, and pose a few questions for viewers. Be sure to follow up any comments with a video to answer those questions. This is a great way to share your story in this technologically advanced time.

I’ll be putting together a video later in the week and I really hope to share yours. Upload the video to YouTube or send it to me in an email and I will post it for you! Share your link and view other responses on the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook group.

Good Luck and Have Fun! I’m looking forward to what ya’ll put together!

–Ryan Goodman