Wordless Wednesday: Family Tradition

When it comes to production Agriculture, there is strength in numbers on the farm or ranch. People have joked for some time about having more kids because they are “free labor” but in reality the kids are a big part of a family farm operation. I was always at my dad’s side while growing up; helping him with the chores and projects and always looking to soak in more knowledge about the cattle business.

This week Jennifer Campbell from central Indiana shares with us a few photos of her son who is always looking for an opportunity to help his dad on the farm.

Cole is a 2nd grader who loves going to work with his dad on the combine. In fact, he loves it so much he does his homework at recess so he can go straight to the field when he gets home. For the same reason he wants to wear his work clothes and boots to school so he does not have to waste time changing when he gets home.

Jennifer says Cole is a little worker that wants to be just like his dad. Every morning he has his coffee because that is the way dad does it. When Cole is on the combine there is a great big smile on his face, but Cole is not one to just be along for the ride. When there is something to be fixed, Cole is right in the thick of things learning what has to be done. For his reading log Cole read the “The John Deere Combine Manual” because he did not want to leave the combine.

Cole is just one great example of the young farm kids out there interested in carrying on the traditions of their family. A big shout out to Cole (and his 2 sisters) in central Indiana for working hard and taking an early interest in the family farm.

Do you have a kid that loves to work on the farm and be in the middle of everything that happens? Maybe you were that kid once upon a time. The next generation of farmers and ranchers are growing up right now, so take the time to be a mentor to one of them and help to instill the passion for agriculture in hopes that they will carry on the traditions.

Do you have a story you want to share? Or maybe you want to connect with farmers and ranchers like the Campbells. Send me an email (agricultureproud@hotmail.com) or look us up on the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook group.


  1. You should see my “lawn art” on my Wordless Wednesday post!

    Our girls love to ride in the combine and have from a very early age. Sometimes it’s a fun ride, and now it is sometimes a have to ride because I am out in the combine and Daddy is in the tractor with the auger wagon or semi.

    Speaking of, he just called. Last night he came in around 11:00, and he was out the door at 4:00 this morning to take one of those semi’s down to Lafayette to Cargil. He’s waiting in line right now waiting for the elevator to open up. Fun times!

    If all goes well, we will probably be done with harvest at the end of next week, a far cry from last year’s incredibly long harvest. I believe we finished up December 10!

    Be safe and I hope your harvest is a smooth experience.

  2. Hey Lana…it is crazy we will be done so much sooner this year…Last year, my father in law was still picking corn around Thanksgiving…I know this because our daughter was born November 20th…and my husband had to leave the hospital to go help the next day! Crazy!

  3. Thanks so much for this post – I can’t wait for him to get home from school so he can see this – hopefully he will come in and not run straight to the bins!
    This is a great blog – you do a great job of letting everyone know how AWESOME agriculture is!
    I started blogging July – http://jentsfrontporch.blogspot.com/ – and can’t believe how many fantastic farm blogs are out there, I truly love this way of life and it is fun to read how much others enjoy it too!

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