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Advocacy In Action - Agriculture Brief and Agriculture Headlines

Recent trends in forest and agricultural land conversion (Montana State University) – As land use has taken a front seat in sustainability conversations, University researchers take a closer look at trends in agricultural land development for residential purposes and the factors involved.

Additional Sustainability-Related Headlines:

Trail Blazers and Beef Advocates (AgWired) – Chuck Zimmerman visits with the beef advocate of the year, Markie Hageman, and highlights growing advocacy efforts funded by the Beef Checkoff.

Let’s not kid ourselves – 2 narratives that need to go (Prime Future) – Janette Barnard says what we’re thinking and will likely step on some toes with this one. What are your thoughts on the narratives: thank a farmer and the need to educate consumers?

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Agriculture Headlines

Making Better Business People Out of Ranchers is Key to Beef Industry Success (Oklahoma Farm Report) – CattleFax’s Randy Blach shares 3 aspects producers should pay attention to for the future of the industry, including utilization of risk-management tools.

Canadian Trucker Blockade Highlights Problems With Just-in-Time Systems (DTN Progressive Farmer) – Don Close (Rabobank) highlights the potentially disastrous impacts and supply chain disruptions for livestock as a result of events like the ongoing trucker blockade.

Wings are king among Super Bowl snacks, shop early (Farm Progress) – A slew of stories highlighting effects of Super Bowl weekend is sure to include food supply chain impacts. Experts expect 1.42 billion chicken wings and drumsticks to be consumed this weekend and will be more costly at $0.81 higher than 2020.

Additional Agriculture Headlines:

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Agriculture Podcasts

Ranching in San Diego County (Ag State of Mind) – In this Ranching Side Hustle episode, Jason Medows talks with Alli Fender about the evolution of her brand and business near urban areas.

What Running Can Teach Us About Sustainability (Trail Runner) – Sustainability is a highly-debated term in Agriculture that’s difficult to define. It’s good to know other communities are also working to better define the term.

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