February is a month of cold winter weather and a celebration of many things dairy; often earning the nickname FebruDAIRY. Below are a few ideas and some inspiration for your February advocacy efforts throughout the month. Many topics center on food and agriculture themes, while others are opportunities to connect with non-agriculture audiences on shared interests. As you use this content throughout the month for your January advocacy efforts, tag @BeefRunner on social media.

february advocacy and agriculture blog topics

Throughout the month of February, join the conversations surrounding dairy products and delicious meals. The month also brings campaigns for awareness of cancer and contributions of women in science. Keep reading for a list of monthly and weekly themes during the month of February.

And let’s not forget the Super Bowl. Many Americans will be tuning in for the football game, as well as the commercials and a halftime show that are always sure to spark great conversations on social media. We’ll always harken back to our favorite Super Bowl ad featuring farmers, but you should also join in the conversation to share your thoughts on the hits and misses this year.

In addition to discussions surrounding these occasions, you can celebrate many great foods and recipes. February is a month with much focus on heart health. If you have recipes or tips that focus on lean meats and other heart-healthy nutrition, this month is a great opportunity to share those. I’ve curated a collection of themes and topics for each day of the month, along with prompts for your agriculture blogs and social media content.

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February Celebrates Dairy (FebruDAIRY)

As with most months, February brings several food celebrations, but this month in particular brings several opportunities to highlight dairy products. As is outlined by the Dietary Guidelines, dairy products make a great addition to our plates with many nutritional benefits. Here are a few days to celebrate dairy recipes throughout February:

Although the month brings several occasions to celebrate dairy products and farmers, many activists use the momentum from vegan efforts during January to attack dairy farmers. Keep this in mind as you join the conversations during the month. Instead of engaging with dissenters attacking dairy this month, use the opportunity to highlight the good work and progress dairy farmers are making and show how you include dairy products as part of a healthy, balanced diet in your home.

If you ever need any help or advice addressing negative feedback or how to approach tough conversations online, you can always reach out to me via direct message or email.

February Advocacy Topics

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