November is a month of gratitude and giving thanks. As you look for advocacy themes and agriculture blog topics for the month, consider these resources for online content and conversation starters. Below you’ll find themes that are celebrated throughout the month of November and on specific weeks.

While not all themes are specific to food and agriculture, advocates can use these topics as prompts to share your stories that are important to your non-agriculture audiences by connecting on things you both care about outside of agriculture.

For a list of daily topics and themes, including food and agriculture subjects, click here to download a toolkit created just for you. In addition to daily ideas for food and agriculture, the toolkit includes prompts to help you set goals and measure your results for online advocacy efforts.

november advocacy and agriculture blog topics

Monthly Agriculture Blog Topics for November

November is an opportunity for gratitude, a celebration of family, as well as a moment to raise awareness of important causes such as pancreatic cancer. Along with sharing your stories about events and tasks happening on the farm or ranch this month, you can join conversations about non-agriculture topics with your audience.

Use these themes as prompts and conversations starters for your advocacy efforts and agriculture blog topics throughout the month of November.

  1. Family Stories Month – as you gather with family throughout the month, take an opportunity to record and archive stories from older generations to preserve and share them in the future.
  2. Movember / Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month – Men, grow out that mustache and participate in #NoShaveNovember to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer.
  3. Adoption Month – if your family has an adoption story, this is a great to time to share and connect with other families, as well as raise awareness of the importance of family adoption.
  4. Career Development Month – Use this month to reflect on opportunities you use to develop your career and share how you never stop learning throughout the year.
  5. Gratitude Month – Some people use November to share 30 days of thanks, but you don’t have to go that far. Reflect on what you’re thankful for and share small bits of gratitude toward others throughout the month.
  6. Native American Heritage Month – Take this month as an opportunity to learn more about the heritage of Native Americans in your region and across the country.
  7. Roasting Month – Pull out the roasting pan and share your favorite roasting recipes this month. If you’re looking for more inspiration or new ideas, here are some beef roasting tips.
  8. Vegan Month – A focus on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is part of a healthy diet and a choice many people make. Resist engaging in rhetoric that demeans one’s eating choices or negativity this month.

Weekly Advocacy Topics for November

Each week of November is set aside to focus on specific causes. Use these themes as prompts for your advocacy efforts on specific weeks throughout the month.

  • National Young Readers Week – Second Week of November
  • Dear Santa Letter Week – Second Week of November
  • National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week – Week Before Thanksgiving
  • American Education Week – Week Before Thanksgiving
  • National Farm-City Week – Begins Friday Before Thanksgiving
  • National Game & Puzzle Week – Week of Thanksgiving
  • Better Conversation Week – Week of Thanksgiving

Daily Agriculture Blog Topics for November

Each day of November is set aside to celebrate a new theme. These national days range from Veterans Day (11) to Rural Health Day (18), and Cyber Monday (29). Use these days as an opportunity to reach outside of agriculture and connect with new people on mutual topics of interest.

National Days celebrating a specific food or recipe are a great opportunity to share a few farm or food facts and join the conversation with the stories behind your favorite family recipes.

To download a toolkit with a calendar of daily themes and a worksheet to help you set and accomplish your advocacy goals throughout the month, click here to request your download.

  • National STEM Day (8) is a great opportunity to share how agriculture sciences can have a role in the classroom, no matter the age or subject. Resources from Ag In The Classroom or the Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture can be great resources to share with your local educators needing curriculum.
  • Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday all take place in the days following Thanksgiving. Use these as an opportunity to help others support local and small businesses, or your favorite agriculture non-profits. On Giving Tuesday, I’ll be highlighting my support for Feeding America and Heifer Project.

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