October is a month to celebrate all things Fall as we settle into bright colors on the trees and crisp, morning temperatures. As you look for advocacy themes and agriculture blog topics for the month, consider these resources for online content and conversation starters. Below you’ll find themes that are celebrated throughout the month and on specific weeks.

While not all themes are specific to food and agriculture, advocates can use these topics as prompts to share your stories that are important to your non-agriculture audiences by connecting on things you both care about outside of agriculture.

For a list of daily topics and themes, including food and agriculture subjects, click here to download a toolkit created just for you. In addition to daily ideas for food and agriculture, the toolkit includes prompts to help you set goals and measure your results for online advocacy efforts.

Agriculture Blog Topics

Monthly Agriculture Blog Topics for October

October is a time to celebrate food and drink from German heritage, as well as a moment to raise awareness of important causes such as breast cancer, emotional wellness, and diversity. Along with sharing your stories about events and tasks happening on the farm or ranch this month, you can join conversations about non-agriculture topics with your audience.

Use these themes as prompts and conversations starters for your advocacy efforts and agriculture blog topics throughout the month of October.

Weekly Topics for October

Each week of October is set aside to focus on specific causes. Use these themes as prompts for your advocacy efforts on specific weeks throughout the month.

Daily Topics for October

Each day of October is set aside to celebrate a new theme. These national days range from National Taco Day (4), to National Farmer’s Day (12), and National Food Day (24). National Days celebrating a specific food or recipe are a great opportunity to share a few farm or food facts and join the conversation with the stories behind your favorite family recipes.

To download a toolkit with a calendar of daily themes and a worksheet to help you set and accomplish your advocacy goals throughout the month, click here to request your download.

  • National Farmer’s Day (12) offers much-deserved praise to the hard-working farmers across the nation. In the midst of harvest-season, the day pays tribute to the men, women, and families who put food in the grocery stores and on our tables every day.
  • National Food Day (24) focuses on healthy and nutritious food, however, many activists use this day as occassion to spread misinformation about modern agriculture and livestock farming. Respectfully join the conversations on this day to address misinformation and ensure agriculture has a voice at the table.

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